The Black Box Project

To turn the page on 2012 I have chosen to tell you about an original work which was exhibited around the world  last year, The Black Box Project.

It was the idea of the advertising agency Schindler Parent for the swedish paper company IGGESUND. They  choose 5 creative directors amongst the hottest ones of the moment. Marc Benhamou was one of them and he engaged  me to be part of his team along with Philippe Salomon as the photographer. The concept was to fill up the black box!

Marc,s idea was to interpret the twenty two major arcana  tarot cards within a theme of beauty, a handmade subject for me.

Here you can see the "making of " vidéo of the shooting  and to view the  finished images and scenes from the expositions,you will see them on my Facebook.

As for 2013 I'm looking forward to share with you more interesting jobs on great locations already  confirmed in my agenda.

I wish you all a Happy  and Prosperous New Year.

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