The Common Side Effects of Hair Loss in Seniors

Hair loss may be an unavoidable part of aging. This journal post highlights 3 common side effects of hair loss, and how to manage them.

On top of bringing about the obvious changes to your physical appearance, you may notice that the process starts to affect other aspects of your life. From relationships to mental health, hair loss can be highly detrimental to people’s overall wellbeing.  Read on as we explain how you can help to manage them to limit the impacts on other aspects of your life.

The Common Side Effects of Hair Loss in Seniors by Iles Formula


It’s very common for people who experience hair loss to allow it to affect their relationships with friends, family, and/or partners. Lower feelings of self-worth can make it difficult to maintain relationships, with mundane tasks feeling more difficult to do – in extreme cases, even leaving the house becomes challenging.

As reported in this guide to the psychological effects of hair loss, the impacts of hair loss can be exacerbated by feeling these negative emotions. Research has shown that women who experience high levels of stress are eleven times more likely to suffer hair loss. This is why it’s important to address the issue early, to help to mitigate both the physical and psychological effects being worsened, and to limit the effect it has on your relationships.

There is hair loss and hair breakage.

Using high-performant haircare is a good beginning to promote healthy hair growth and prevent breakage. Concentrating on both scalp and hair care is necessary and Iles Formula is dedicated to this purpose. Free of all the nasties like sulfates, silicon, and parabens this sustainably sourced 3-step hair care system transforms hair that feels like straw into sumptuous soft silk, not only preventing breakage but stopping breakage from the first use.

Depression and Social Anxiety

For many people, hair loss is inextricably linked to lower self-esteem which can often lead to feelings of social anxiety and even depression. These feelings come about due to unwanted changes in people’s appearance. And starting to feel more self-conscious and insecure can mean simple social interactions suddenly become more of a challenge.

What’s more, stress and anxiety are strongly linked to a medical condition called Trichotillomania, otherwise known as the hair pulling disorder. For many, this is their way of dealing with feelings of anxiety. But being unable to resist the urge to play with and pull out your hair can accelerate the hair loss process, and can ultimately make the side effects worse.

With age comes changes in health patterns that also can add extra unwanted stress to one's life, which can easily transform into unwanted hair fall.

The Common Side Effects of Hair Loss in Seniors by Iles Formula

Lower Quality Life

Any negative side effects from hair loss can ultimately be detrimental to your quality of life. If you feel like your well-being is suffering as a result of losing your hair, it’s important to do something about it as soon as possible.

There are lots of different coping strategies that can help people with thinning hair. You will always have the option to make physical changes to your appearance, such as wearing a wig, scarf, or hat. And there are plenty of different ways you can get emotional support, be it through a forum, a loved one, or healthcare professional.


The Common Side Effects of Hair Loss in Seniors by Iles Formula

Final Thoughts

Everyone will deal with the effects of hair loss in different ways, but it’s important to know that there are so many different ways it can be treated. Investigate different approaches to see which works best for you, and be sure to take the steps towards looking after your wellbeing if you become affected by the process.

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