The Couple Behind ILES FORMULA

I felt curious to know more about the couple behind Iles Formula,  in particular  the man in the shadow. For people who don't know them, I can tell they complete each other in a very special way. It's really inspiring for young couples and especially for women who dream of a successful career. I will steal Wendy Iles' pen today and share with you her couple story. In this interview, she will talk about the power couple and how their strength led her formulas to see the light.

What people don't know about Wendy is that her husband Mr Masi is the CEO of ILES FORMULA. Who is Jacques Masi ?

"I have been with my husband Jacques for 25 years. He comes with experience from all types of business with international trade, import, export background, all facets I am not familiar with, so when I was thinking about launching my formulas, he was the perfect piece in the jigsaw."

How did you and Jacques form a power couple and how did this help you launch and manage your own business after 30 years of freelancing in the hair styling industry ?

"We are a good team. I do all the formulations and take care of the creative side of Iles Formula and Jacques is responsible for all the rest."

What is the real power of your couple, in your private life and in business ?

"Respect and understanding, for sure, in both cases. We are both very independent, so allowing space to develop ourselves independently was a key factor in our relationship and we took this with us into our business. Each one of us knows their role and territory."

While many avoid working with their wives, Jacques believed in your dream, helped you to launch your own haircare line and even became part of this dream, tell us more about this.

"My husband has believed in me and my career since we first met. I was lucky. He always supported me and never questioned my absence from home, which is a big part of my freelance work especially when working globally as I do."

If you could offer one piece of advice to young couples, what would it be ?

"My advice to young couples, especially to girls, and only speaking from my own experience, it takes a strong man to give his wife's career precedence over his own. When I was traveling so much on jobs, Jacques was my rock. I knew in my absence life just went on without any hurdles at home for him and our daughter. He is an excellent father too, so I am really blessed."

So when do you agree and disagree on things ? How do you both work things out at the end ?

"We work very differently, I am all about intuition, and I am a fast decision maker, I believe in something, I project it and go after it with all my might, nothing can stop me. Jacques, however, takes his time to study, discuss every aspect until he is convinced to make the move. Not saying either of us are right or wrong but it works at the end. If we have disagreements, it's always about our garden. We are both passionate gardeners on days off, which has become extremely rare since Iles Formula was launched. We have a very old garden that brings so much pleasure to both of us. The contradiction works though as Jacques' French precise lines show to advantage in winter and my romantic free style English side shines in summer."

The Couple Behind ILES FORMULA by Iles Formula

The Couple Behind ILES FORMULA by Iles Formula

What's next for Iles Formula, what is the couple dreaming about and how as business and life partners you are both able to envision today the future of your brand ?

"Iles Formula was launched at the perfect time in our life. Our 20 year old daughter Beatrice is now in college and we found ourselves all alone again. I'm still juggling the celebrity work plus all the other high-end jobs and when I'm free, I'm on Iles Formula. My husband now needs to book time on me, it's funny. We just love working each on his desk across from each other, it's our new life together. We want to grow Iles Formula into a solid family business. We both believe so much in our products and will set the bar always high to deliver only excellence to our customers. We have a lot of plans for the future that I can't share " surprise " but certainly, one step at a time. For now, we are opening an office in New York, and looking forward to growing a passionate handpicked team who also believe in our story."

The Couple Behind ILES FORMULA by Iles Formula

If you like this couple's story, share it everywhere and let it inspire you and people around you! For me, it is a source of inspiration and motivation.

Thank you Wendy !

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