The Importance of Scalp Health

While much emphasis on hair health is focused on the locks, it is vital to also consider the health of the scalp. Tresses that grow long and strong need a healthy, robust environment, which starts with proper scalp care. Various complications such as hair loss and hair damage can actually start with the root of the problem: the scalp.

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The scalp is the connection between the external and internal health of the hair. The quality of strands of the hair depends on the tissues that grow the follicle, so it is important to nourish and rejuvenate these tissues. Thinking of the scalp as the soil in which our tresses grow is a helpful analogy; with poor soil, comes poor hair quality.

With over 100,000 follicles on your head, your tresses rely on this healthful condition of the scalp. Interestingly, each follicle grows deeply from within the scalp and has its own microbiome. If this microbiome is not properly cared for or there are untreated health problems, issues can arise such as hair shedding, hair thinning, dandruff, or dermatitis.

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Some common conditions that can lead to compromised scalp health are high-stress levels, medical conditions, medicine side effects, or vitamin deficiencies. While these are all worrisome, after proper consultation with a doctor you can fix most of these problems. Some other daily lifestyle changes that can be made that could give the scalp a needed boost in health are:

  • Taking supplements like Omega-3 can help nourish and stimulate scalp repair.
  • Eating more antioxidants in the form of fruits and vegetables can help balance out damaging free radicals.
  • Taking a probiotic helps balance our gut biome. This gut biome is directly linked to other biomes, like the hair follicle.
  • Reducing stress by way of exercising and meditation.


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While all these lifestyle changes and consulting with your doctor are important steps, one of the greatest impacts on scalp health is the hair products you are using and how you are cleansing your locks.

When considering your normal hair care routine, it is important to look at the formulas and see whether they are benefiting the scalp or not. Using a gentle,  cleanser like the Iles Formula Haute Performance Shampoo can create an ideal environment for the delicate hair follicle microbiome. After applying to wet hair, add more water to increase lather. Massage this in gently from the scalp to the ends of your locks. Water is key to unlock the active ingredient within the shampoo that actually stops and prevents hair breakage. This indulgent lather helps properly cleanse the scalp without irritating it or causing an imbalance.

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Another important haircare product to check is your conditioner. If you are using a conditioner that deposits heavy proteins on the locks, then this could be causing damage and breakage to the hair shaft. While this is farther down on the hair strand, it still causes strain on the follicles and can also lead to excess buildup on the scalp or hair shaft.

For phenomenally repaired results that doesn't deposit any harmful residue use the Iles Formula Haute Performance Conditioner. It instantly repairs hair and seals tight the hair shaft. Its revolutionary formula prevents the heavy build-up that occurs with other popular haircare brands. With the instantaneous closure of the hair cuticle, you will be left with smooth, silky repaired tresses.

To promote the anchoring of the hair follicle use a scalp booster such as the Iles Formula Scalp + Hair Rejuvenating Booster. This booster strengthens the structure and metabolism of hair follicles. While it increases circulation and production of amino acids, this fast-absorbing, innovative formula changes the game of scalp care. Utilizing a wasabi extract that stimulates the cells to better develop hair follicles, the Rejuvenating Booster works to effectively reduce signs of hair loss.

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Within this powerful treatment, Procapil™️, a proprietary and transformative ingredient, reduces signs of hair loss and boosts growth for longer and stronger locks. This miracle formula should be used after the Iles Formula Shampoo and Conditioner, as this allows for the booster to encourage a strong scalp environment as well as thicker hair growth.

If we want healthy hair, it must start with a healthy scalp. Improper scalp care can lead to conditions such as dermatitis, dandruff, or even premature hair loss. Evaluating our lifestyle choices, medical conditions, and haircare routines is vital to ensure we are keeping our hair follicles happy and healthy. With Iles Formula's unique and innovative formulas, you can have the sumptuous, cascade of tresses of your dreams, thanks to a healthy scalp.

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