The New Cool Blonde.

The New Cool Blonde. by Iles Formula

The Former Hair Color Trend

Ombré's time has come and gone—there's a new trend in town.  Babylights... and the new tendency in color is definitely cool.  Cold blondes and cold browns, no warms, no golds, no reds, just cool shades of ash. Those are the new hair color trend you should try.

The New Cool Blonde. by Iles Formula

Until this year, many A-list celebrities favored Ombré, the ultra-dramatic hair coloring technique of color fading from dark to light or vice versa. But now, Ombré (In French meaning shadow or shade) is being replaced with this more natural effect of Babylights. It's sweeping the fashion scene taking heads back to their childhood. Remember those soft, light, sun-kissed blond locks you used to effortlessly grow and maintain as a child spending days playing in the sun. That’s Babylights, the new hair color trend.

Babylights : The New Hair Color Trend

These super-fine highlights usually cost quite a bit of money and take time to execute. The time and money spent to achieve this natural look is well worth it. These highlights with a hint of summer freshness will have you leave your salon with your hair looking summer fresh. My preferred professional color brands are those of Goldwell, Wella and Schwarzkopft.

Even red heads can opt for cool lights. This can be a beautiful mix of ash colors amongst a base of gold.

Red heads with this Hair Color Trend

The New Cool Blonde. by Iles Formula

Remember once hair is colored after care is very important. Hair under a microscope has lots of tiny scales like on a snakes back. Through chemical treatment these scales lift up and if not treated with a PH balanced conditioner will stay open creating knots and tangles. The Iles Formula shampoo, conditioner and finishing serum are perfect for chemically treated hair, hence perfect to deal with this hair color trend.

Not only does the conditioner close the hair scales instantly, the finishing serum contains UV protection, heat protectors and color fade protectors.

Don't attempt to do these babylights yourself. The finesse of the execution of this hair color trend comes from a professional hand.

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