The Secret To Our Special Formulas

For Wendy Iles, Co Founder of Iles Formula, it has always been about the integrity of the hair. She identified early on in her career the need for super charged, high performance hair care that could provide instant repair for the tortured hair she encountered on the sets of celebrity endorsed global beauty campaigns. This is what started Wendy on the journey of creating Iles Formula. She spent several years researching to find the Secret To Our Special Formulas that unlocked the power of her raw virgin ingredients delivering INSTANT hair repair for ALL hair types.

There is no better way to  achieve luscious sumptuous repaired locks than by using these 3 formulas together.

Read on to see how much time, care and special ingredients go into each of our formula's to give them performance driven results that are instantly visible.

The Secret To Our Special Formulas by Iles Formula

Haute Performance Shampoo

The first secret to our special formulas is the Haute Performance Shampoo. The Iles Formula Signature Shampoo was created by selecting the most exclusive, high performing antioxidant-rich ingredients to work for  all ages and all hair types.  It immediately de-tangles, repairs, and protects the hair while providing manageability and a luscious spun silk texture.

Our shampoo is sulfate free. Sulfates make lather, you find them in dish washing liquid, clothes washing powder etc. Wendy knew she didn't want sulfates in her shampoo, but she wanted lather and lots of it. The result is  our shampoo is one of the few sulfate free shampoos on planet Earth with an abundance of lather. There is a secret to use them though directions of use below.

The cleansing is so delicate it will never strip your color.  Bounce and luster after just one shampoo.  The silk proteins will nourish the hair resulting in sumptuous volume and body.


How To Use:

1./ Thoroughly wet your hair before applying our sulfate free shampoo.  She chose to create lather by using natural root juices rather than sulfate-detergents.  Therefore, apply more water instead of more product to the shampoo once its on the hair.  These extra drops of water  will activate the ingredients to create an abundance of  lather.

2./. Rinse hair thoroughly and repeat if necessary.

The Secret To Our Special Formulas by Iles Formula

The Secret To Our Special Formulas by Iles Formula

Haute Performance Conditioner

Next, is the jewel of the Iles Formula haircare line. The Haute Performance Conditioner.  It is the raison d'être for the entire collection. The paraben free formula instantly transforms damaged, straw like hair into sumptuous spun silk perfection. For several years it was tested on today's biggest celebrities and on the sets of prestigious directors and photographers. It was at the insistence of those celebrities wanting to purchase the conditioner from Wendy that pushed her to make Iles Formula available globally

Iles Formula conditioner repairs even the most damaged hair INSTANTLY with no down time.  Knots and tangles slide away, leaving the hair beautifully healthy, with a delicate perfume of white flowers.

Silk proteins from Japan create an immediate effect on the hair, shutting down the hair cuticles to create a beautiful smooth surface.  Tucuma Palm and Pracaxi Oil extracted from the seeds of the Macroloba Tree are sourced from the Amazon rain forest in Brazil, as well as 16 other propriety ingredients including Vitamin E and B5 for total hair rejuvenation.


How To Use:

1./ After using the Iles Formula Shampoo, apply Iles Formula conditioner to the  mid lengths and ends of your hair.

2./ Use our distribution comb to comb your conditioner through.  The comb is the vehicle that will deliver to the roots exactly the amount of conditioner needed.

3./ Rinse. On very long hair or extremely dry hair one can leave some residue of conditioner in the hair ends. Remember this is food for the hair.  In some cases, cup the ends away in your hand, while rinsing the roots and finally rinse off quickly the ends.

The Secret To Our Special Formulas by Iles Formula

The Secret To Our Special Formulas by Iles Formula

Haute Performance Finishing Serum

Finally, our third formula is our Finishing Serum.  Session stylists adore this serum as it has the ability even alone to transform instantly a damaged head of hair to glorious silk just by blow drying it in.  Not only does it give great elasticity that holds the movement you give to the hair, but it protects ALL hair types from environmental assaults.

Our Finishing Serum with its  hand picked, custom blended ingredients, including vitamins, raw silk, and ceramics, feed the hair with nothing but goodness without ever weighing it down.

This paraben free formula is your hair's best protector against heated tools, against UV rays, humidity, and free-radicals.  This strengthens the hair, helps repair split ends, and prevents color fading.  Lightly scented with white flowers.


How To Use:

 This serum can be used on wet hair before blow drying and dry hair daily. Made from silk it will never weigh the hair down.

1./ Apply a small amount on wet hair from mid lengths to ends of hair, to seal the cuticle, and protect against heat damage.

2./ Blow dry hair as usual. On finishing the dry, smooth a small amount on hands and apply over the outer surface of the hair including this time the roots  to protect against UV and humidity.

Each day a small amount can be applied to dry hair in the same manner to protect against himidity and color fade.

3./ Iles Formula Finishing Serum is excellent for curls, beach waves and frizz. Add much more product than usual to wet hair. Comb the finishing serum through then with your fingers knead the curls into a nice form and don't touch again until air-dried. You will have luscious curls and waves with no crunch or stickiness. That we promise you.

The Secret To Our Special Formulas by Iles Formula

The Secret To Our Special Formulas by Iles Formula

Our formula's provide an indulgent experience, not only in the salon, but at home as well. Have a look at a video of our Iles Formula step by step instructions for the best results possible.

 Beautiful, healthy hair with a spun silk texture, that is what we promise to deliver.  Quality ingredients are the secrets of our special formulas, and it has always been our goal to protect the integrity of our clients hair.  No matter what your hair type, our formulas can provide you with these benefits.

In conclusion, we want to know if you have already been using our formula's?  If so, we would love to see your before and after photos.  Share with us on social media and don't forget to tag us in @ilesformula_hair #ilesformula.






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