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Welcome to Iles Formula News. I'd like to start off by saying thank you for your interest and support. The Iles Formula team is here to promote the best products and ideas in HAIR

It has taken considerable time and energy to put my treasured hair care line together, but I know you will find it's worth the wait. I'm very proud of my products and I want to do everything possible for you to experience and share my excitement about beautiful hair !
Follow this news section and we will update you on on Iles Formula launch dates, locations and special promotions as they appear. There will be exciting articles on haircare, including "How To's and I will take you "behind the scenes" on selected celebrity shoots from my day to day work as a freelance hairdresser.
This section will contain information that interests you, so we really care about your opinions. Please send us your ideas, personal experiences, thoughts and suggestions.

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Welcome by Iles Formula

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