Wendy Iles' Hair Tips : How To Keep Your Hair In Good Condition

Wendy Iles' Hair Tips : How To Keep Your Hair In Good Condition by Iles Formula
One of my twitter followers asked if I'd advice her on how to keep her hair well conditioned. So here's my answer. Thank you Toni for your question and please let me know if this helped you.

Firstly be sure to have your hair ends trimmed every 6 weeks even when growing your hair to keep the ends clean of split.

If you have many split ends, then start this recipe by first taking off as many as possible. This does not necessarily mean cutting off a lot of length. What I do is to take sections and twist them around like a sausage at the ends. Most split ends will pop out, I just run the scissor up the section nicking the ends clean.

Then it's about choosing your good shampoo and conditioner ...

Most heads should be using conditioner especially long hair and also because most city water supplies have chemicals that will dry out hair. I travel a lot, so I see how water affects my hair in every country and city I visit.

I have actually been making up with a laboratory on my own high performance shampoo and conditioner to use on my celebrity clients and myself to get maximum spun silk results. This will not be launched public until next year, but I will inform you all when it will be available.

For now here is a small list of what I have used in the past and was relatively pleased with the results. I'm very particular about performance so I set the bar really high, although none of these products delivered everything I wanted, I was satisfied at the time.

Number 4  hydrating  shampoo and conditioner. To back up these 2 products as a conditioner cure I liked the result that L'Oreal Power Dose ampoules gave. They have several different types which is good especially if your hair is coloured as a stronger strength is required. The downfall is they are in small glass vials of one application, they are expensive as you must buy a box of many, but I do think it's worth it. Kerastase Nutri- Thermique Mask I don't really like the performance as a mask, so I used it differently. I'd apply it to my hair if drying  my curly hair naturally. It settled down any frizz in my hair and gave my curl some weight as it dried resulting in a pretty curl. For this recipe look at my blog article of last Saturday  "How To Cope With Frizz".

I hope this article helps many of you. Send me your suggestions and questions, I will do my best to help.

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