Wendy Iles' Hair Tips - How To Stop Hair Loss

Wendy Iles’ Hair Tips – How To Stop Hair Loss by Iles Formula
"How to stop hair fall" is a question I have been recently asked by one of my followers.

Firstly don't confuse hair loss with hair breakage. The golden rule - even when growing hair - is to trim the ends every 6 to 8 weeks. Often women say," but my hair does not grow"! Of course, it grows, but in many cases as it grows from the roots, it breaks at the ends, so keep it clean from broken split and use a nurture home care that prevents breakage from occurring.

Iles Formula Haircare is exceptional for this. It nurtures and repairs hair from the first use, delivering phenomenal results...check out the reviews!  This haircare has the ability to transform dull, brittle, broken hair to a sumptuous, nurtured, silk texture. BUT... use those 3 formulas together, they were formulated as a 1 2 3 step for a reason. A shampoo +conditioner +finishing protection serum. If your problem of hair fall relates to breakage this is your cure.

If you really are suffering from hair loss (falling from the roots), I'd suggest you see a specialist as there will be a reason for it. Hormonal changes are usually the most common reason, after giving birth for example, or some medications could be the cause. There is also another form of hair loss where the hair falls out in patches. This is called Alopecia Areata, it is usually a result of nervous stress. The hair follicles remain alive and are ready to resume normal hair production once having received the required treatment.

For general hair loss, without a health diagnosis, there is just one product that I know of that claims to help hair loss and does work: Nioxin. Visit their website, it is fully explanatory. I believe it helps from the feedback I've received from people I have suggested this product to, so I wish you all the same success.

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