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SKU: IF123-68 Category:
Signature collection Signature collection Signature collection
This is a design and compact presentation of our signature Iles Formula shampoo + conditioner + finishing serum with a distribution comb. It’s our red carpet rescue kit that performs on ALL hair types and ages. These formulas are the perfect gift to please any woman that is looking for a sumptuous spun silk hair texture with volume and body. Lightly scented with a delicate perfume of white flowers.
Gently massage our sulfate-free SHAMPOO on thoroughly wet hair, add a few more drops of water to awaken the bubbles that are created by plant extracts.

On wet hair, apply CONDITIONER from the mid-lengths to the ends. Comb through for even distribution. Rinse after less than a minute and your hair will be instantly repaired and revitalized.

Apply a small amount of the FINISHING SERUM from the mid-lengths to the ends of your hair before blow-drying or styling (don't rinse off). The Serum can be used on wet or dry hair. Comb through for even distribution as it contains your UV protection, color fade protection and protection against heated tools and humidity.

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Fine lank hair:This serum with its base of silk will envelope your fine hair giving the feeling of thicker voluptuous hair. We have found that customers who normally cleanse their hair every day to create volume, go several days before shampooing, thanks to the serum.

Frizzy curly hair:For those who like to let their curl dry naturally.

We advise using a larger quantity of serum; comb through for even distribution and allow your curl to dry naturally or with a diffuser. Do not disturb the hair until dry. The curl will dry with a beautiful form and it will feel soft like silk and have much less frizz.

Thick coarse hair:Be sure to use enough product to accommodate your thick hair. The silk inside our serum will make your coarse hair very pliable and supple, aiding your hair to hold its shape once coiffed.

Color treated hair:It's a must for you to use our finishing serum. It contains color saver protection and UV filter protection.

Greasy oily hair: Once hair has dried, apply a small amount over the hair surface like a buffer. It is not necessary to apply before drying your hair, unless your hair is very thin and lank (please read notes on lank hair). This will be enough to add the protection your hair needs against harmful UV rays.

Combination hair, greasy roots dry ends:Concentrate the application of serum on the problem dry areas more and less on the greasy areas.

Very dry damaged hair:You can't live without this product ! It will transform your hair on each application to our sumptuous spun silk signature finish. Apply before and after drying and if necessary apply a small amount every day over the hair surface and hair ends.


( 26 customer reviews )
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  1. Mrs Camille Rogers

    Mrs Carmile USA
    These are outstanding products. My hair is like it was in my youth. It’s truly phenomenal how quickly my hair has healed. All signs of breakage have disappeared, and the texture I can’t stop touching. My husband even commented how great my hair was looking! I fully recommend using these 3 products and nothing else.

  2. Brianne Olivia Koh

    Recently purchased a Discovery Kit because I wasn’t ready to jump into buying such expensive hair care products, but after one wash I am amazed at how well it lathers (I’ve tried billions of sulfate free shampoo and geez, sometimes it doesn’t even lather) but more importantly I’m blown away but how nice my hair feels and how it basically looks. Will definitely purchase it despite the price, because it’s so worth it!!

    • Wendy Iles

      Thank you Brianne. We really appreciate your review.
  3. Kate Bessel

    This box of products is just PERFECT for my hair. Never has my hair been so manageable and with so much shine. My color looks renewed. I will certainly be buying again.

  4. Allie

    I started with the finishing serum, loved that so much that I tried the curl revive, LOVE that as well and finally purchased the shampoo, conditioner, and hair turban. To say I’m obsessed with everything is an understatement! My hair has never felt or looked better. My husband even tried it, and now he’s obsessed too! Guess I have to buy the liter sizes haha. Thank you for this amazingness!!

    • Wendy Iles

      So pleased Allie Iles Formula found its way to your locks and hubbies! Thank you for reaching out, your review is appreciated.
  5. Hannah

    Thank you for making such amazing products. I’m so grateful to my hairdresserser for advising me to buy them, I can’t live without them !

  6. Chuck Bass

    Hi Wendy,
    I hope all is well with you. I enjoyed all your tutorials over the past 3 months! I am thankful to finally be back doing hair, and I am amazed at the condition of my clients hair from using Iles Formula. Their hair is actually thicker!

  7. Chuck Bass

    Hi Wendy, I hope all is well with you. I have enjoyed all your tutorials over the past 3 months! I am thankful to finally be back doing hair, and I am amazed at the condition of my clients hair from using Iles Formula.Their
    hair is actually thicker!

    • Hannah

      Thank you Chuck, I'm glad you enjoyed the videos. Yes, Iles Formula will thicken up hair as it prevents all kinds of breakage. Thanks for your love and support. Wishing you a good return to the salon floor! Wendy
  8. Katie stevens

    received a review from a client I couldn’t resist to post…
    “Omg I’m DYING. Got my iles products. It came in this amazing high end gorgeous white box and with a comb. The packaging is amazing. The second the shampoo hits your hair it’s like a mousse bomb went off. SO MUCH LATHER noticeably different from anything I’ve used. It was heaven. Conditioner is very light but I watched a video from the founder and she said consistency has nothing to do with results. It was a thinner conditioner not super thick so I was like eh…. boy was I wrong. My hair is SO SOFT right now, almost done air drying. Used to serum too. It all smells AMAZING this stuff blows Davines out of the water. 100% worth the money. It’s so good”

    • Wendy Iles

      Thanks Katie.Glad we found our way to you to your locks.
  9. Claudia D

    Gorgeous brand, integrity and performance in every bottle. You gave me back my pre-menopausal hair. I’m forever grateful. These 3 products are all I use now.

  10. Savana Siqueira

    Truly love your products. It’s been the only brand that has not irritated my scalp and actually made my hair better. Thank you for creating such amazing products.

    • Wendy Iles

      Thank you, Savana. We have many clients with sensitive scalps even Psoriasis that use our shampoo on hair, scalp and body! So if your body is also irritated try it as a body wash!

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