"What is Luxury"

"What is Luxury" by Iles Formula
“What is Luxury?”

Do you find that art and hair often come together as one? I do and in my work a lot of inspiration and personal creation comes through.

Last year while in London, I visited the Victoria & Albert Museum in South Kensington and saw this very interesting exhibition called ‘What is Luxury?’ Of course, this is a topic I might be biased on, but I really think it is worth seeing if you are there. One piece in particular struck me.  It was in the last section of the show, which covered alternative materials that are eco-friendly for a future where current resources become less and less available.

As you can see from the picture, this dressing table looks like Marquetry with wood inlays but with a retro feel to it, don't you think? There was a video next to it which caught my eye before the furniture did.  It showed that the whole piece was actually constructed of resin and hair. Yes Hair! I don’t know how ethical this is, but let me know if you feel this could be one way to prevent deforestation. This is a subject that is close to my heart as an avid tree lover.

Studio Swine was created by an English and Japanese designer who aim at making furniture from recycled furniture and hair. They are at quite early in the development of their project but I strongly encourage you to check their videos online. They made furniture from objects they collected on a boat, on the street… It’s fascinating I think!

What are your thoughts ?

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