Working with Martin Scorsese

Working alongside Martin Scorsese on the Chanel Bleu set was certainly a memorable moment for me. As a freelancer from the fashion world, it's much easier to have access today to these famous Hollywood directors than it used to be, as many of them are now hired to film the big budget TV Commercials. You may also notice that many of these high-end commercials of today are no longer endorsed by top models but by actresses and actors.

Working on the Chanel commercial was a 5 day shoot in the streets of Brooklyn and NY. The days were long and intense, but a lot of fun. Gaspard Ulliel, the french actor was the lead player alongside two ladies. Both actresses were blonde, that caused a problem on the dress rehearsal day, as it was difficult to recognize the actress in the film, especially with the short time frame of a TV commercial. This is why it's good to always have extra wigs and hair in one's tool case, even if it wasn't asked for. This precaution enabled me to quickly turn the girlfriend into a brunette (Chateau scene) and it worked perfectly.

Most of you have possibly seen this commercial as it's still running in most international airports worldwide, so here I've posted four "behind the scenes" videos from the making of this commercial. The finished commercial can be viewed on

Enjoy !

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