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Your Questions Answered by Iles Formula
Thanks to all my followers. Please give me feedback or shout out if advice helps, I'm interested to know.

1/ @jazzegger : What would you recommend : Air dry or blow dry ?

This really depends on the hair. To air dry is possibly better for the hair, but the new and good blow dryers of today are super efficient for the hair with ion buttons that enhance shine and prevent static electricity. If you live in the USA, try HarryJoshProTools. If living in Europe, try Collexia Dryer. If the hair is curly, and a curly natural finish is desired then I'd suggest to air dry.

2/ @svetonebo : Please recommend hair cosmetics for pregnancy period ?

The product I know of is Total Care "Beaute de Maman" containing no sulphates, parabens, dyes, phosphates, propylene glycol, or synthetic fragrance and Total Care "Beaute  de Maman" Volume shampoo, contains none of the above and no silicon.

3/ @shannon.bree : I wash my hair every 2 -3 days but the day after i wash my hair it gets really oily. What would you recommend I do ?

Have you tried when washing to apply shampoo straight to the dry hair and scalp let it sit for about 1 minute massaging it through then add water and lather. The shampoo itself without dilution of water will soak up extra unwanted root sebum (scalp oil).  This may help you solve the problem. It could also be hormonal.  Often puberty to early 20's hormones can enhance this problem. It may settle down later on.

4/ @daisy_ptqn : What is the difference between the cool setting and the hot setting on a hair dryer ?

When doing a blow dry I use warm setting and on stubborn hair the hot setting. When finishing off the dry I always  give a blast of cool air. This helps close the hair scales down giving better gloss and shine. The cold air also sets a warm curl. If I have tonged the hair for example I clip it in place, then blast it with cold air to set the curl to give longer lasting curl.

5/ @itsanndemoiselle : I usually use hot rollers, but the curl won't stay in my hair. Do you have any tips how to keep it curly?

Take a read of my answer above. Try the technique of cooling the curl down before removing rollers. Also you can try buying the old fashioned setting lotion. Spray this on the hair  just before drying. It will hold the curl better.

6/ @beautybylizzz : What are your favorite top 5 products …. styling and shampoo ?

I love my own care range ILES FORMULA - launching in March 2015 ! More on these products later … For styling I do like most of Kevin Murphy Styling products.

7/ @nthompson_83 : How to keep mega volume in long hair ?

That's difficult as the weight in your hair length will pull the volume down. Do as the celebrities do, buy a half volume piece and clip it in to your coiffure. Beautyworks on line have some great half pieces to hide underneath the top layers, they also have a great volume piece that can be clipped into the crown area.

8/ @Klavida_mikheeva : I have quite thin hair. What styling products for detangling and volume would you recommend for my hair type, if I blow dry my hair every day ?

I do have the perfect 3 products launching for you next March, ILES FORMULA. A shampoo that gives sumptuous volume and a conditioner that  instantly removes all knots and tangles. There is also the finishing serum that you can apply before drying that will pump up and protect your hair. Stay tuned for this, I'm very exited to tell you more about this at launch time. The reason I set out to create these products was for tortured celebrity hair. The results are amazing ! Can you wait till March? If you get back to me then, I will send you samples. In the meantime, avoid products with alcohol inside as they will tangle even more and dry out your fine textured hair.

9/ @tonijayelewis : My hair is really rubbish at keeping a style. It's naturally wavy so if I straighten it, it kinks within minutes and if i curl it, it drops after a few hours and i use a lot of hairspray! Is there anything  i can do to hold the style throughout the day ?

Take a look at my answer on question 4. This cold trick really helps. I actually find hairspray the wrong thing to do.  I'd replace this with a TRESemme Flawless curls for curl days and a straightening cream like L'Oreal Iron Straight Tecni Art when straightening the hair. Forget the hairspray not the right tool.

10/ @poppyevanszx : How did you get into celebrity hairdressing ? I'm currently training and celebrity hairdressing is my future goal.

I've been freelancing for a long time. When I started the freelance world found me. It was different then, not as sought after position as it is today. I started in Sydney Australia. My first job was for Vogue they were looking for a hairdresser and called me, as I progressed the celebrity hairdressing just was a natural progression. To be so close with a celebrity it's a lot to do with discretion and being someone they can rely and trust. Values are important. The best suggestion is to assist someone very good in the right city for Celebrity work. NY, LA, London, Paris etc. This way you will begin to know how to behave around a celebrity and also begin to meet people who can help connect you in the future. I hope this helps.

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