Your Questions have been Answered.

Your Questions have been Answered. by Iles Formula

How do I keep my hair from always having static?
Static electricity occurs when 2 objects have different electrical charges. When objects are rubbed together, the electrons from 1 object are transferred to the other, causing them to take on a positive or negative charge. Offenders are usually a hat, hairbrush or synthetic clothes. Use these steps to avoid static electricity in your hair.

Be sure to always use conditioner after you have shampooed. Having moisture in your hair helps avoid static.

Anti static dryer sheets are good. Pat the sheet over the hair surface before drying and is also good to use during a static attack .

Run a metal coat hanger over the dry hair surface. Hold hanger so it touches your head and move it downwards. Make sure you contact every part of your hair.

Dry hair with an ionic dryer .

Use a serum. Try my Iles Formula finishing serum which controls static without weighing the hair down
Once your hair is dry, give the crown a slight spritz of water to pacify static tendencies.
Your Questions have been Answered. by Iles Formula

I used to have curly hair as a baby, but now I have middle length hair and its no longer curly. When its wet it has ringlets ( tiny tight ones ) but as soon as it dries it gets frizzy. Even if I brush it out. Can you please tell me if I can have natural curls ?

There is a way to define your curls so as when they dry they keep their form. Firstly be sure your hair is in good condition. Do you use a conditioner? You should, because if your hair has been moisturized the curl will hold its shape much better, the more unhealthy your hair is, the more frizzy and straight it will appear when dry .

My technique,
My 3 Iles Formula are perfect for your hair. They include a shampoo, conditioner and a finishing serum that you comb through and allow to dry naturally into hair or use a diffuser to dry ( a blow dryer with an attachment so as hair curls are not too disturbed. )

Another good product to apply especially if your hair is thick and course is the Kerastase Intense Masque. Comb through the hair evenly and let it dry in naturally or dry with an infuser.
Normally one is supposed to rinse off the masque, but my trick is to leave it on, as it adds weight to the curl and controls the frizz.

Do not brush or comb your curls, let them just dry naturally into place. Once dry, give them a shake with your fingers or comb only with a large tooth comb.

Let me know how you go. My 3 formulas are available in a Discovery Kit for $24.50. Try them I know they will help (As we just launched they are not available until end of June , but yu can pre order.)


How many times per week should hair be washed ?
How many products after towel drying and before hairstyling ?
I use always 3 products and rarely any others. These are my 3 Iles Formula products consisting of shampoo conditioner and finishing serum. My whole work as a hairstylist is based on hair condition. I don't like using mousses, gels or hairspray. Celebrities love me for it!

One can wash their every day if they wish with these formulas as they are like food for the hair so full of goodness. I have found that women that generally wash hair everyday after using my 3 formulas go up to 4 days without washing. It's the finishing serum that keeps the hair fresh and awake without weighing the hair down.
I wash my hair once a week. It really depends on the individual and the hair type you have.


How to treat my hair after blonde period, they are so dry and damaged ? I use shampoo and conditioner from Amway now, they don't help much . Thank you !

Gosh! please try my Iles Formula shampoo, conditioner and finishing serum. They will transform your hair in one treatment I promise you that !
I designed my formulas for hair like yours. I work on a lot of celebrity tortured hair. I designed these 3 formulas to repair ALL hair types INSTANTLY . The results are phenomenal. All hair no matter how damaged gets transformed to spun silk.
Trying is believing. On our shop you can purchase discovery kit for 24.50 dollars. One months supply and the sachets are dosed especially for long hair.  A great way to try but be warned you will fall in love  and be back to buy the big bottles!
The Discovery Kit is not available until end of June, but you can pre order.
If I thought there was a product better or a parallel I'd tell you about it, but there is not, these are the ones for you.
Your Questions have been Answered. by Iles Formula

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