Everything you need for an indulgent spa experience and nourished + strengthened hair
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・Limited edition.

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・Shampoo 200ml + Conditioner 200ml + Hair Mask 180ml + Conditioner Distribution Comb. Presented in a soft, faux leather beauty bag.

・Bespoke, allergen-free perfume of White Tea Flower.

・No Sulfates + No Silicones + No Parabens.

Iles Formula Shampoo:

・Apply to very wet hair.
・Add more water while massaging, not more product. Water is the key to activating an indulgent lather.
・An abundance of lather indicates correct usage of the shampoo.
・In the case of hair breakage, this lather should be brought all the way to the ends. Allow the mousse to sit on the mid length and ends for about 1 minute. This starts the repair process by softening brittle hair.
・Rinse thoroughly.
・For very damaged or broken hair, we advise a 3rd shampoo.

Iles Formula Hair Mask:

・Apply generously from scalp to ends.
・Allow to penetrate for 5 to 20 minutes then rinse.

Iles Formula Conditioner:

・Apply evenly an inch from roots to ends.
・Wet brush through for even distribution. The brush delivers the required amount of product to the roots.
・Repair is immediate and hair will feel phenomenally soft and silky.


Yes, our formulas were born to nurture and repair all types of hair. The more damaged the more phenomenal the performance! The root extract in our Shampoo buffs over damaged porosity bars on the hair shaft which are particularly common in colored hair. The Iles Formula Conditioner is essential in repairing any damage as it locks the outer hair shaft and instantly detangles hair. The Iles Formula Finishing Serum is protection for your hair and contains UV filters to maintain your color while leaving hair vibrant and healthy.
Yes. Iles Formula is phenomenal on all hair extensions. We have some of the best extension salons using and selling Iles Formula as home care for their clients. As your extensions age, they will begin to feel rough and dry. Iles Formula transforms this hair to sumptuous silk. The best and most complete nurture system is the Signature Collection.
Most certainly, yes. Iles Formula is one of the most recommended products to use after ALL chemical procedures including Brazilian blowouts. The best and most complete nurture system is the Signature Collection.

Before and after

No retouching. No extensions. Results after just one application of our 3 step formulas.