5 Best Haircare Tips for Children's Curls

When it comes to our children, it seems we are always searching for the very best.  Specifically, when it comes to what products we use on them.  We are often asked what are the secrets for Best Haircare Tips for Children's Curls and this week we thought we would address this topic for you.  We are sharing some tips to help you with personal care for your child's curls as well product options to control their natural hair that can sometimes have a mind of their own.


5 Best Haircare Tips for Children's Curls by Iles Formula

5 Best Haircare Tips for Children's Curls by Iles Formula


Not All Curls Are Created Equal

For starters, not all curls are created equal.  There are many different curl patterns and hair types that you will want to determine, this will help you tremendously when dealing with your child's curly hair. The curl patterns range from loose "S" shaped curls,  to very kinky curly patterns, and everything in between.  In addition, hair texture comes in fine, medium and coarse.  Knowing this information will not only help you with determining how to style their hair, but also what type of product and how much you should be using on your son or daughters hair.

5 Best Haircare Tips for Children's Curls by Iles Formula 



Avoid Brushing Their Curls

One of the most important bits of information we can share with you is to try to avoid using a brush on their curls.  We know this can be a bit tough because tangles can be frustrating, and the easiest and least painful way to get tangles out of your child's hair is by brushing, but trust us when we tell you, get rid of the brushes.  First and foremost a brush can create frizz, and as you know, curls and frizz tend to go hand in hand.  If you can avoid adding more frizz you will be much better off.  Instead, opt for a very wide toothed comb like our Conditioning Distribution Comb.  The wide spaced teeth are perfect for detangling and will not cause added frizz to the hair.


5 Best Haircare Tips for Children's Curls by Iles Formula

Prior to washing and conditioning your child's hair, use the wide tooth comb to get rid of as many tangles as possible.  Starting in the ends, and working your way up to the roots.  Hold each section at the base and this will eliminate some of the pain that combing out tangles can cause to our little ones.

Use Quality Haircare

When it comes to what you use on your child's hair to cleanse, condition and style, be sure to select quality haircare.  Most importantly, if you can use products that are free from sulfates, parabens, and silicone, not only will you be helping their curls to perform better, but also you will be using cleaner products that are free from potentially toxic ingredients.  Our Iles Formula Shampoo and Conditioner is perfect for all hair types and even gentle enough for your little ones. Sulfate free, paraben free, means better results for your curly ones.  Our conditioner is super detangling and will hydrate their dry hair instantly . Knots will slide away almost immediately.

After cleansing and conditioning, it's a good idea to use a micro fiber towel.  Our Hair Turban is especially great to use on a child with long curls.  It prevents static and gives beautifully formed curls.  A regular household bath towel can tend to create frizz when used on curly hair.  Make the swap for our Hair Turban and you will see incredible results with your child's curls.

5 Best Haircare Tips for Children's Curls by Iles Formula

If your child's hair is very coarse and dry, then the Iles Formula Haute Performance Hair Mask is a really great product to hydrate the hair.  It can be used as much as once a week to as little as once a month depending on the needs of the hair.  With that being said, if your child has mixed and multi textured hair, this will be a game changing product for them.

How To Style Their Curls

When it comes to styling their curls, you will want to use a styling product or products.  The Iles Formula  Curl Revive is perfect for controlling curly hair and is gentle enough even for your little ones.  Simply apply to damp hair and twist the strands in the direction of the natural curl.  Once the product is in the hair and the strands are twisted, try to keep your hands as well as theirs out of the hair until it has dried.  This will eliminate frizz from occurring.  Each morning upon waking, simply add a spray of water to the curls and spray of curl revive to refresh the curls.  You will love what this product does for their hair.

5 Best Haircare Tips for Children's Curls by Iles Formula



How Often Should You Cut Their Hair

All hair, but especially curly hair should be cut regularly.  It is recommended to have the hair cut every 6-8 weeks.  This may seem like a lot, especially for your child, but keeping curly hair cut and clean it will be much easier to handle.  The tangles will be less prominent and the the curls will actually perform better.


5 Best Haircare Tips for Children's Curls by Iles Formula

The most important things to keep in mind is determining the type of curls, using the right haircare, how to apply products and style the hair, and keeping in cut regularly.  With this in mind, your child's hair will be much easier to maintain.  We hope this has helped you and provides you with some helpful tips.  What are some of your favorite tips for curly hair?  Share with us in the comments below.

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