5 Tips to Style Your Hair Without Damaging It


5 Tips to Style Your Hair Without Damaging It by Iles Formula

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Styling your hair regularly can lead to hair damage. Aside from heated tools, such as irons and curlers, there are other things like traditional styling sprays, especially those with plastic coatings like hairsprays that can also contribute to ruining your hair.

As much as you'd want to look good temporarily, there's also the more pressing need to have beautiful hair permanently. Even when you don't have the time to style your hair, you can still look great. The last thing that you'd want is for you to have locks that look like they're getting close to their last piece of life.

That said, stylists have shared five tips for styling your hair without damaging it, especially if you've got to style your hair daily. Yes, it's doable. You can maintain shiny and healthy hair at ease on your own.


Here's HOW:


1. Use Heated Tools With Ceramic Plates

As much as you'd want to avoid using heated tools, this can sometimes be impossible. Never use a heated tool without a reliable heat protector.  and you can lessen its negative effects with the help of heated tools that are less harmful to your hair. This includes finding a heated tool with ceramic plates or using the best hair straightener. The ceramic material on hair straighteners work wonders in protecting the hair against the negative ions coming from the heat of the iron itself. If you're unsure or if these tools are all foreign to you, you can ask your local department store staff or beauty salon expert for their recommendations. They can help you out in selecting which straighteners or curling irons are safer for your hair.


2.Section Your Hair while Straightening or Curling it

It’s easier for a hair dryer or blow dryer to work its magic when you section off your hair rather than work on it all in one go. This exposes your hair to too much heat.

One of the biggest mistakes that you might be doing when styling your hair is not sectioning it. Sectioning off your hair means that you divide the hair into different parts. Then you hold each section together with a pin or a clip.

That way, when you're working on one part of your hair, it won’t interfere with the other sections that you're not working on yet. It's going to be easier and faster for you to style your hair when you're only dealing with one portion at a time.

The mistake with not sectioning off the hair is that it's going to take you longer to finish styling. Because you're not dealing with clearly defined sections, you'll have to go through each curl or each area that you're straightening out multiple times, which can lead to damage.


3. Protect Your Hair with High Performant Shampoo Conditioner and Protector Serum

Start by using the right shampoo and conditioner when cleansing your hair. With the numerous shampoo options in stores, which one do you know works best for you? Choose Sulfate free silicon free and paraben free.
The same goes for your conditioner. Be very aware of conditioners that repair with keratin, protien or a scientific blend. These  substances build up and can eventually cause drastic hair breakage.  The Iles Formula Shampoo and Conditioner STOP breakage from the first use and will never leave behind harmful residue build up. The Signature Collection also has a heat protector serum up to 450 degrees and delivers the most spectacular finish to hair. Read the reviews.

The addition of a hair mask once or twice a month is not only added nourishment but strengthening also.

To start your search for the best hair care and hair repair products, visit Iles Formula Online Store.


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4. Comb Hair Carefully

Damage to the hair happens when it’s not given the care that it needs. For instance, when it's combed too harshly, or when you might be using a comb or brush that's too rough on the scalp and strands. Remember that your hair is very fine and delicate. You have to be very gentle when you comb your hair,  especially when it's wet and more fragile.

If you still wish to comb your hair even while it's wet, it's best to use a wide-tooth comb. Leave the brushes for when your hair is totally dry. Before you style your hair, dry it gently as well. If you have the time to dry your hair naturally, then that’s the better way to go. Treat your wet hair as carefully as possible.


If you can't let go of your heated tools, at least give your hair protection !

Finding a protection serum that does not weigh the hair down is a task we took on for you. The Iles Formula Serum not only protects hair from heated tools but also against UV exposure, color fade and humidity all without making hair heavy or greasy! Reading the product reviews on this product should convince you.

5. Regular Trimming

There's no better way to protect your hair from damage than to get a regular haircut or trim. Yes, this does help. In fact, this is one way for you to maintain great hair. You can never style your hair well if the canvas itself doesn't look good. And you're only going to give your hair more damage if you don't maintain it. Moreover, cutting your hair at least once every 6 to 8  weeks will keep it up-to-date with the latest trends and styles in haircuts.


5 Tips to Style Your Hair Without Damaging It by Iles Formula


Once you enjoy the style benefits of your tools, it will seem like there's no turning back for you. When you see how these heated tools or styling products make your hair look beautiful, it can be tempting to use them regularly. However, doing so will only make your hair look great temporarily. Once its effects start to wear off, you're then faced with the reality of permanently damaged hair. Take these styling tips to heart, and soon enough, your hair will be thanking you for the care you put into it.

Guest Author: Samantha Rustia

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