All You Need To Know About The Health Of Your Hair

Attention Ladies... Many of you have inquired about our products and how they can help your hair. We are definitely going to dive into this in detail, but before we do, we thought it would be equally as important to share with you All You Need To Know About The Health Of Your Hair. So you can better understand how to treat what is going on with your hair, we think it's important that you understand what is actually going on before determining what is best to treat it. Are you ready ladies? Lets get started...

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Split Ends

To begin, lets talk about split ends.  What are they and how do we even end up getting them?  Also, are they even repairable?

Split ends are caused by improperly detangling hair, brushing wet hair incorrectly and excessive use of heat tools such as blowdryers and irons, all of which weaken the hair shaft and cause the hair to be more prone to split ends.

So, the BIG question is, are split ends repairable?

  Well,  we at Iles Formula know they can be as our finishing serum over time will  fuse the split ends  by sealing them together. However we don't really advertise this benefit because we are professionals and we prefer you trim them off and use our Finishing Serum as preventative.

1./. Be careful when using heating tools.  Just because the tool goes up to 450 degrees, does not mean you should be using it that high.

2./. Use a heat protection product, like our Iles Formula Finishing Serum.  It makes for the perfect barrier from the heat.

3./. Use conditioner,   especially on the ends.  We love our Iles Formula Conditioner for best results. Nothing closes down the hair scales or repairs and nourishes hair as quickly or efficient as this conditioner. You can read that on our reviews.

4./. Get regular trims or haircuts.  For many whom are growing out their hair, they fear cutting to avoid getting too short, but you really need to keep those ends cleaned up.  Trust us, your hair will grow and perform better in the long term.  Plus, when the ends are needing a cut, they tend to create more tangles, which in turn can cause you to create damage while brushing.  So keep this in mind.

5./. Don't visit the salon for hair color before the recommended time.

Dry Hair

Oftentimes, people get confused as to whether their hair is dry or actually damaged.  Let us share with you the difference.  Lets talk about what causes dry hair first.

Dry hair is often caused from heating tools and environment.  If you are flat ironing your hair every single day, plus blowdrying, you will often end up with dry  broken hair.  If your living in the desert or dry climates, this can  also cause dry hair.  In addition, extreme cold climates play similar havoc. Perhaps you are swimming in the ocean every day, the salts from the water combined with the harsh sun can do a number on your hair and cause it to look and feel dry.  Not to worry though, because dry hair can be fixed on most occasions, instantly in the case of Iles Formula as your treatment.

As you can see above, the hair on the left is very dry.  But the same image on the right after just one Iles Formula treatment looks like a completely different head of hair. These are unretouched images and no extensions were added, just one treatment of Iles Formula 3 step system.

Dry hair is dehydrated, it's thirsty and needs hydration.  This is where we find many people get confused.  Many mistake dry hair for damaged hair and then go and add products that contain a lot of protein.  This is the opposite of what dry hair needs.  Dry hair needs moisture.  So using a Shampoo and Conditioner that will hydrate the hair is crucial.  Pictured above, the model was treated using our Iles Formula Shampoo and Conditioner and Finishing Serum.

Image:  @salonruggerinyc

For extra nourishment and strengthening of hair, our Iles Formula Hair Mask can be added. Think of this as your spa moment with your hair, using our mask once a week or once a month depending on your hair type. Fine thin lank hair once a month, thick coarse ethnic hair once a week and everyone else somewhere in between as needed.  This mask really has its own personality and will definitely put a smile on your face.

Image:  @one_make_up_tomsk

Our Iles Formula products provide INSTANT results for ALL hair types.  Another way you may experience dry hair, is if you have curly hair.  Dry hair  is consistent with curly hair texture, and so our formulas work magically to bring that hydration back into the hair too, resulting is shiny, hydrated, soft, bouncy curls every time.


Damaged Hair


All You Need To Know About The Health Of Your Hair by Iles Formula

The image above is again one our "before and after" images. Just one treatment of Iles Formula 3 step system , no retouch and no extensions were added.

Now lets talk about All You Need To Know About The Health Of Your Hair in regards to damaged hair.  What causes damaged hair and can it be repaired?

Damaged hair is most often caused by over use and improper use of chemicals.  This includes hair color, perms, relaxers, etc.  So, you are probably wondering can damaged hair be repaired?

That really depends on how extensive the damage is.  If the hair has broken off, then no, obviously there is no way to put hair back on that has fallen off, but under all other instances Iles Formula will repair your hair from the very first treatment, in fact the more damaged a head of hair the more phenomenal the results. Take a look at this chart to see the varying phases of hair health:

If you are coloring or blonding your hair, then it is very important that you are investing in and using quality products that will both hydrate and add protein into your hair.  This will keep your hair strong in between hair services.

Using our Hair Mask is also a good idea, as this will strengthen and also deliver nourishment to the scalp from the cocktails of vitamins we have added. The more you care for your hair at home in between chemical services, the stronger your hair will be. This is important for those of you that are having your blonde touched up every 6-8 weeks.

Damage can also be caused to the hair from wearing it pulled up daily.  Hair ties can wreak havoc on the hair, especially if its tied up all day every day.  Make sure the hair tie isn't causing damage and breakage to the hair. This can be more common for those getting stronger chemical services such as blonding/bleaching, perming and relaxers.

Think of it like a chain link.  Each chemical that is added to the hair cause one link to weaken and loosen.  Eventually all of the links will loosen and the chain will no longer be useful.  A basic analogy, but it's the best way to make sense of it.  So, don't stop wearing your adorable top knots like the one below, but try to eliminate making it a habit.

Photo:  Camille Styles

That is really All You Need To Know About The Health Of Your Hair in a nutshell.  The takeaway from this post, is understanding what causes each, and how to eliminate and prevent them from occurring.  We can't stress the importance of a proper hair care regimen.  Our Iles Formula will have you covered in 3 easy steps and that includes a styling product.  For added protection and treatment, the Hair Mask will be the cherry on the cake.  Follow the steps and you will be on your way to the hair of your dreams.

Photo Courtesy:  Coffee and Milk/ Getty

We hope this helps you out when determining what is going on with your hair and how to best treat it.  Do you have a great before and after testimony using our formulas?  If so, we would love to see them.  Don't forget to tag us on social media @ilesformula_hair and #ilesformula.  We look forward to seeing your posts.

Until Next Time,

Iles Formula

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