Autumn Shades for the Halloween Glam

If you thought about going pink or orange, but never actually went through with it, Halloween is right around the corner! The right hairstyle can totally transform your Halloween costume and help you get into character this year. There are dozens of temporary color options that you can pick up at the very last minute to switch up your Halloween hair colors, so no matter who you’re going as this year, trick or treat yourself to one of these fun and festive shades!

Unsure which hairstyle you want to embrace? We’ve got you covered. Pumpkin Spice Latte, Tangerine, Merlot are all included! Read on for 5 Autumn Shades for the Halloween Glam.

If you’re stuck for Halloween hair ideas, where better to draw inspo from than your favorite delicious fall drink? Undertones of copper, gold, amber, and warm brown - adding tangerine to your festive look will leave you feeling refreshed and stylish.

Honey-drenched and amber tone hair looks gorgeous if you have a darker skin tone, whereas copper and pumpkin spice hair complement fair skin tones the most. For those whose hair falls in the brunette shade spectrum with darker roots, go for medium coppers and golden tones. If your hair falls in the lighter spectrum, you could even go lighter by adding a touch of undertones to create dimensions to your strands.

Just be sure to scroll through Iles Formula Instagram tags for ideas #ilesformula #ilesformula_hair! We work with some of the best colorists globally! Having examples will help inspire your colorist to create a unique and stunning color that you’ll be ultimately happy with. After all, a photo speaks a thousand words.

1.Tangerine Dream

Can you imagine a color that is warm like the Tuscan sun and tasteful like juicy tangerines? Tangerine orange hair is a super chic color that many girls dream to pull off. If you are feeling adventurous, consider adding a burst of brightest rose gold hues with coppery undertones to highlight the angelic allure on your base color and complexion. This will certainly put you in the brightest mood even during the coldest time of the year.


Credits to ambassador Salon artists and

@christopherpiercehair of @andylecomptesalon

2. Merlot Hair

Not ready to abandon your darker hair color? No worries, you can still hop on dark plum dye by going for a deep Merlot hue with burgundy undertones for a seamless transition. This shade screams elegance and is completely versatile as it illuminates your base color with sunlight, flattering every skin tone. Throw in some very subtle balayage highlights to add further dimensions, making the transition from your natural shade even more seamless and beautifully bold for a Halloween seasonal change.


Sourced from Iles Formula tags credit to @chelsea.alizha

for this wonderful shade

3. Two Tone

Decisions, decisions. With this edgy look from Iles Formula Ambassador salon RxM you don’t have to choose between keeping your dark hair or going entirely orange – just have both! Double the color and double the fun by keeping your hair dark and adding a splash of copper hues to your front bangs to create a super edgy look! We adore this festive and fun color combination that screams Halloween vibes, so what better excuse to try it than for Halloween?


Autumn Shades for the Halloween Glam by Iles Formula

Sourced from Iles Formula tags, credit to @anmscottsdale

for this gorgeous shade

4. Pumpkin Spice Latte

One of the best things about pumpkin spice hair is that there are so many gorgeous customized shades in all levels of darkness and lightness that you can choose from - meaning, you can find the most complementary tone that is flattering to you. Just like picking out a new lipstick shade, take your hair base color and skin tones into consideration before adding a bit of spice to your strands.


Autumn Shades for the Halloween Glam by Iles Formula

Sourced from Iles Formula tags @alexandradoeshair @sararusthair

@hairby.ellenb for these gorgeous tones!


5. Sunset Rainbow

How fun is this eye-pleasing cotton candy shade that works for literally every style and skin tone. If you can’t decide on a color, you can always go for a vivid mix of hues! Brighten up your sweet look by exploring the wide spectrum of pastel palettes that seamlessly transition from copper, baby pink lowlights to bright berry tones. This majestic look will turn your hair into a breathtaking cotton-candy sky. The results are totally yummy!


Images sourced from Iles Formula tags @jaimyw

Pro tip: As we all know bleaching can lead to weaker strands. No one wants to end up with brassy hair or mismatched highlights! Before applying these colors, we recommend prepping your hair with moisturizing shampoos, conditioners, and protection serum. Did you know the Iles Formula Shampoo is known in the hair world as a colorist's best friend? It actually buffs over porosity bars ensuring even coverage. It will also bring shine for the very first time to blondes who rarely shine due to porosity problems. The Iles Formula Conditioner delivers instant repair and the Iles Formula Finishing Serum gives you that signature Iles Formula finish of sumptuous luscious texture you see on all these tagged images above that have used our Iles Formula Signature Collection.  You will be amazed by the results.


Try a new look this fall season and refer to these colors in your next salon appointment! If unsure of the best colorist to use check out our salon location page to find a great colorist near you. Please share your beautiful Halloween glam with us by tagging us on social media @ilesformula_hair and #IlesFormula! We can’t wait to see your new fall looks <3

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