Best Everyday Hairstyle Ideas for Thin Hair

Having thin hair can make you feel self-conscious and be rough on your self-esteem. Unfortunately, only so much can be done to improve your hair thickness naturally.

On the bright side, there are many great hairstyles that can make your hair look fuller and thicker. Here are some of the best everyday hairstyles for thin hair.



1. Deep Side Part

One of the best hairstyles for thin hair is a deep side part. When you use this style, you force your hair against the natural growth pattern and create the illusion of volume. This is also a great hairstyle if you have some patches that are thinner than others and want to cover them up and styles for less.

To see which side you like better, find the point two inches from the middle part of your hair, use a comb, and flip the hair in the opposite direction. Try both sides to see which you prefer.

When you have thin hair, always avoid the middle part. This will cause your hair to stick flat against your head and highlight its thinness.

An excellent tip is to apply the Iles Formula Finishing Serum to each layer as you blow-dry, this serum is quite magical in that the heat wraps the serum around each hair strand and makes hair feel thicker at the same time delivering a soft memory to the hair, never weighing the hair down.

This image below is a tribute to that performance. This head of hair was shampooed and conditioned in the Iles Formula Signature Collection, then the Iles Formula Finishing Serum was blow-dried into every layer. The thickness you see here comes from that procedure of blow-drying in the serum to every section, you also see the hair is not weighed down in any way.


Best Everyday Hairstyle Ideas for Thin Hair by Iles Formula

2. Asymmetrical Lob or Bob with Bangs

Whereas even bobs tend to fall flat on people who have thin hair, the asymmetrical bob or lob can add depth and texture. These hairstyles often use a side-part, which enhances its effectiveness in creating volume.

Many women with thin hair will avoid a lob-- or long bob-- because it appears thin and scraggly. The asymmetrical cut takes this appearance away and frames the face nicely. Bob hairstyles are some of the best short hairstyles for fine hair and best short haircuts for thin hair to look thicker.


Best Everyday Hairstyle Ideas for Thin Hair by Iles Formula



3. Waves and Curls

Waves and curls are thin hair's best friend. The added texture offered by waves and curls creates more dimension and volume, compared to straight hair. Unfortunately, many people who have thin hair also lack texture.

There are a few ways to add texture to thin, straight hair. Putting your hair in braids after the shower or a wet top-knot to go to sleep can help. Additionally, try twisting your locks as you dry your hair. For this purpose, the right product will go a long way.


Best Everyday Hairstyle Ideas for Thin Hair by Iles Formula


4. Frame Bangs

Bangs are hard to pull off when you have thin hair, as they necessitate taking hair from other areas on your head to create the fringe. However, when done right, bangs can make your thin hair to look thicker and more voluminous.

Leave the straight cut bangs to someone else, and opt for frame bangs. These bangs take on a more shaggy, textured appearance that adds dimension and frames the face. They can help offset a high forehead without highlighting your hair's thinness. Frame bangs are also easy to care for, as they're meant to look a tad uneven and wild.


Best Everyday Hairstyle Ideas for Thin Hair by Iles Formula



5. Pixie Cuts

This is another short hairstyles for fine hair. Thin haired women have the advantage when it comes to pixie cuts. If you're tired of fighting with your hair, consider opting for a chic, short hairstyle. When you have thin hair, you'll have less work battling your pixie cut into shape each morning to style for less.

For added volume in a cropped look, you can blow dry your hair into a swept-back look that adds volume and emulates an updo.


Best Everyday Hairstyle Ideas for Thin Hair by Iles Formula


6. Wigs and Extensions

There's no shame in calling a spade a spade and investing in a high-quality wig from EvaWigs or hair extensions. Lace wigs are very natural looking and can have you taking on the day with confidence. There are plenty of different cuts and textures, so you can have the style you want quickly and easily.

Don't make the mistake of thinking that extensions are just for people who want long hair. Tape-in extensions were specifically designed for people with thin, fine hair. The tape bonds into your hair and can last for months at a time until they eventually grow out. Tape-ins can often be reused multiple times and blend naturally with your hair.

Don't confuse thin hair with hair that is breaking.

Iles Formula Signature Collection offers the ultimate hair care regime for all hair types and is renowned by top professionals also as the "go-to" home care  to nurture and protect all hair types from environmental assault. It prevents breakage and STOPS BREAKAGE from the first use. It's also phenomenal  for extensions to preserve the quality and long life of your investment. Read the phenomenal reviews while learning about this line.

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Choose What Feels Right

Be open to trying a few different things until you find the style that's right for you. What matters is that you feel good about yourself and brave the day with confidence!

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