Braid + Ponytail: The Perfect Hairstyle For The 4th Of July

Celebrating Independence Day  is typically all about beaches, fireworks and festivities, and a fun time to be around friends and family.  The weather is typically warmer, for some of you humid, and you are likely looking for easy solutions for styling your hair for the occasion.  Often times this translates to braids or ponytails.  While both are always great choices, it may be a nice change to switch it up this year.  Well maybe not completely switch it up, but why not combine the two?  In this weeks journal we are combining the Braid + Ponytail: The Perfect Hairstyle For The 4th Of July and sharing with you the step by step to create the look.

What You Will Need

To create this Braid + Ponytail:  The Perfect Hairstyle For The 4th Of July, there are a few essentials that you will need.  Starting out with the proper tools to create the look will definitely make it much easier to follow along and create the style.

Braid + Ponytail:  The Perfect Hairstyle For The 4th Of July by Iles Formula

Braid + Ponytail:  The Perfect Hairstyle For The 4th Of July by Iles Formula

Braid + Ponytail:  The Perfect Hairstyle For The 4th Of July by Iles Formula



To prepare your hair for this style, we recommend using our Iles Formula Shampoo & Conditioner.  The Iles Formula  products provide INSTANT repair for all hair types, so if your hair has already been through a lot this summer, then you will definitely benefit from them.  For styling, liberally apply our Iles Formula Finishing Serum from mid lengths to ends.  Not only will this provide you with the control you need, especially when braiding, but it will also protect your hair from the sun and humidity as well.

Photo Courtesy:  @anna_persik

Step By Step

Now that you have all of the products and tools that we recommend to create this look, we can go ahead and move on to the step by step.

1./  To begin, apply Iles Formula Finishing Serum from mid lengths to the ends of your hair.  Do not be afraid to apply liberally through out the hair.  If you have thicker hair, you can section the hair into a few sections and apply the product section by section.  This will ensure even distribution of the product.

2./  Once you have applied your product, grab some clips and your rat tail comb.  Start out taking a triangular section on top of the head, that travels to the center back even with the bottom of the ears.  The triangular section will be larger in the front and come to a point in the back.  Clip this section out of the way on top of your head.

3./  Next, take the hair that is remaining and use a dressing brush to come the hair smooth, securing it into a ponytail in the center back at the nape.

4./  Release the top triangular section and begin braiding the hair using the French braid method starting in the front.  You can create the braid like a typical french braid or as a boxer braid.  Work your way braiding from front to back.  When you cannot french braid any more, continue the rest of the braid using the three strand braid method and then secure at the bottom with an elastic.

5./  Once you have completed this step, you may want to secure the braid to the ponytail.  If so, you can use a small bobby pin and secure the back of the braid vertically to the elastic that is holding the ponytail into place.

That is really all there is to it...We love this style because it is different, stylish and a great way to change up a typical braid or ponytail.  It really is the best of both worlds, and perfect for a day in the sun like 4th of July.  This style works paired with a white t shirt and jean shorts, or even something more resort casual.

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