Cool Girl & Guy Half Bun

Cool Girl & Guy Half Bun by Iles Formula

The Cool Girl and Guy Half Bun

The ultimate hair tendency amongst the trendy hip and young has been growing since last year and as we reach fall the cool girl and guy half bun hairstyle is here to stay. The man bun or “mun” has been sported by David Beckham for years but achieved top popularity last year with Jared Leto.

The new version of the man bun, the half bun hairstyle had made its way into the younger crowd as a less up tight and more versatile look. Let’s put it this way, half man bun = the guy is too cool for school and probably has a tattoo. Harry Styles is one the coolest guys right now and has no problem re-inventing hairstyles... Thus including the half man bun.
Cool Girl & Guy Half Bun by Iles Formula

What about the girls? As we head to a more egalitarian society, should girls and guys share the same hair secret? The answer is yes! The half bun reflects the energetic and lively life of cool girls. Always running slightly late, this bun is a perfect compromise of not having to decide whether to wear your hair up or down. The half bun hairstyle is an easy and quick everyday hairstyle for both girls and guys to master while waiting for their latte. Here is a short recipe for different styles and techniques in order to acquire the perfectly unperfected half bun.

The Messy Half Bun Hairstyle:

Sienna Miller is the queen of cool, messy, careless half bun.  It may look messy but even so there is a plan behind it:

Section hair out from  forhead to behind  the ears in a slight V shape to crown. Pull this together as if attaching an elastic around a ponytail. Depending on size of band mostly do 2 twists and  on the second do not pull all the hair through, allow it to stop half way. Sienna has left her ends to lie toward the front.

Cool Girl & Guy Half Bun by Iles Formula

The Mohawk Half Bun Hairstyle:

Create a section right through the top of hair to crown. Smooth it back, creating a ponytail at your crown. Twist the hair into a bun and pin it in place with bobby pins. Rough up the sides that are down and voila it's done!
Cool Girl & Guy Half Bun by Iles Formula

The Elegant Hair Bun

A sleek tight more elegant version of half bun hairstyle as seen of Margot Robbie and Rita Ora. Carefully coif all hair back to pony tail and below twist the ends around the tail, creating a chic top knot.
Cool Girl & Guy Half Bun by Iles Formula
For all styles use Iles Formula finishing serum for perfect ends.

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