Does Hair Color Damage Your Hair?

This week, Iles Formula answers the question whether color in hair can cause damage. Although hair coloring can be safe when done by professionals and if the aftercare home routine is on point, some products or coloring techniques can cause damage to your hair. Read on to find out what are the pitfalls to avoid!

Get it Right with an Expert Colorist

Most of us have dyed our hair at least once and whether done with home kits or by professionals, have experienced some sort of disappointment due to regrowth, hair breakage or color hue result.  Hair coloring causes some damage to your hair because of the process it takes to get that color to stick. Indeed, when dye is applied it opens the hair cuticle which in turn weakens it. Hence, the first step into a successful hair color is finding an expert colorist you can trust.

Although home or box hair dye are cheaper options, they contain higher amounts of harsh chemicals which can be extremely damaging for your hair. Additionally, choice of hue which will compliment you best and technique can never be replicated as well as when done by professionals. All these reasons will eventually lead you to go to a salon for a fix anyway so might as well do it right from the start!

How to Fix your Color

If the damage has already been done don’t panic! Book an appointment in a reputable salon. You can check reviews online or ask your friends for recommendations.  You can also check all of our salon locations page nearest you. While dying your hair doesn’t fix your hair problems and make it healthy again, it can make its appearance better. If your hair is breaking and has dried ends, going from lightened ends, back to a richer, natural color by adding pigment will bring your hair immediately to a healthier feel and look.

Coloring hair may cause some damage. However, the level of damage is determined by the amount of change being done to the hair. Subtle highlights are the way to go as they are less detrimental than dying a full head of color and lower maintenance. It can give you a more natural, multidimensional look. You can say bye to harsh regrowth lines.

Options Based on Your Natural Hair Color

If  you have blonde hair, there are plenty of options available to you from ash blonde to platinum or slightly white. However, for a nice natural option, low lights or highlights are a good choice.

Blondes are not the only ones having fun! If you are a brunette, you can add subtle brown highlights to add interest and texture to your set of hair and make it a bit lighter or darker based on your skin tone.

If you are a red head, you can opt for highlights in tangerine tones to create more an apricot blonde hue or the reverse add Titian lowlights for more depth.

How to Take Care of Colored Hair

The key to maintaining that perfect hair color and shine is care. For this, conditioning is a must. Use Iles Formula’s Conditioner Haute Performance, which is paraben free + phthalate free and instantly  shuts down hair cuticles especially needed after color treatment  transforming any damage, straw like hair, into sumptuous spun silk perfection. Also, it is best to use lukewarm water in the shower. Cold and hot water strip your hair of its color. The hair cuticle becomes open, and the color fades away as you are shampooing and conditioning.

Add a mask once a week (or once a month if your hair is fine textured), to flood your head with intense moisture. The Iles Formula Haute Performance Mask was developed to strengthen and nourish.  With selected raw ingredients such as Tucuma butter and silk proteins, they make up the most sumptuous cocktail for hair and scalp without weighing the hair down.  It is vitamin infused especially for your scalp health. By regularly nourishing your hair with conditioner and masks, you will minimize breakage and dry hair.



Does Hair Color Damage Your Hair? by Iles Formula


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If you are a hair color aficionado, don’t worry you will just have to remember to make time and effort into caring for your hair. After all the saying “no pain, no gain” holds true for a reason! 

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