Easy Hairstyles That Are Perfect For The Gym

There are so many options for ways to workout nowadays. Everything from yoga, spinning, running, tennis, pilates, boxing, swimming, bar and so much more. If your anything like us, you are always looking for alternate ways to wear your hair besides the simple ponytail or bun on top of your head.  In todays journal we gathered some Easy Hairstyles That Are Perfect For The Gym to get you inspired to try a new "do" for your next fitness class.  Keep scrolling to see what we have for you today.


Braids are always a good choice for Easy Hairstyles That Are Perfect For The Gym.  What we love about braids is that they look super cool, but they are neat and will definitely stay out of your way while your trying to get your workout done.  Below are some great braid inspirations for you to try next time you head to the gym.  Grab some of our Iles Formula Finishing Serum and apply it to your hair before braiding, it will keep the hair evenly saturated while braiding which will give you control and a much cleaner finish.

Space Buns

There is no better way to have some fun with your hair then to create some space buns.  They are fun and young and super playful.  Create space buns with your natural braided texture like the second image below for texture within the braid.  If you wrap them correctly, you may be able to recycle your hair afterwards by playing with the wave that the buns will create.  Utilize a dry shampoo and hair dryer and no-one will know you just came from the gym.

Get Creative With Your Ponytail

Don't settle for the same old ponytail.  Try switching it up with one of these ponytail inspirations.  Add some curls and go for a looser more lived in ponytail, or opt for a ponytail that has some detailed structure.  A bubble pony is also another fun way to change up the average tail.

Work Your Buns

If the usual bun on top of your head is getting old, it may be time to work your buns and try something new.  How about these fun twists to the typical bun hairstyle.  The first image is created by taking 3 sections and securing them into 3 ponytails.  Then create 3 buns out of those 3 ponytails.  This will create a stacked bun hairstyle.  Looking for something a bit more polished?  Why not try the twisted bun.  Create a ponytail, then split that ponytail in two.  Twist each of the two ponytails and secure.  Next, twist those two around each other and secure into a bun by wrapping.  Use our Finishing Serum to prep for loads of control and shine.

Half Up

Finally, if you are the type that enjoys wearing your hair down, but you still need it out of your face for your workout, then go for a half up style.  This works well if you're focusing more on a strength training day and not jumping around a lot.  This style will help you be able to preserve your hair after your workout just by adding a dose of dry shampoo of your choice.  To protect your hair when you are jumping in the shower to wash off, make sure you have one of our NEWEST additions to Iles Formula, the Hair Turban Towel.  It comes in white and grey and comes with a resealable biodegradable bag that is ideal for popping it into your gym bag.  Utilize our Travel Set for your gym bag as well.  Easy to pack sachets of Shampoo, Conditioner and Serum, plus our conditioning distribution comb if your the type that "must" wash your hair after every workout.

Which of these Easy Hairstyles That Are Perfect For The Gym are your favorites?  Are you already wearing one of these hairstyles for your workouts?  Tag us in your next gym hair selfie @ilesformula_hair and #ilesformula.  We love to see what you are up to.

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