Festive Hair Ideas for the 2022 Holiday Season

The holiday party season is the perfect time to try out some new, festive hairstyles! Add some glitz and glam to your look for the evening with these styles compiled by Iles Formula. From a cosy Christmas dinner to vibrant New Years' parties, there is the ideal style for everyone to complete their festive outfit.

Loose Curls or Waves

For a dramatic, glamorous entrance to the party, look no further than a cascade of loose curls or waves. Perfect for any occasion, these festive locks dress up any outfit to a 10/10 look. Our founder Wendy Iles cut these curls into a graduated layers and then used a larger curling iron and some velcrose rollers to give that look of gentle perfection. The key here is the healthy texture, Wendy used the  Iles Signature Collection with the added moisture of the  Iles Hair Mask. Be sure to use the mask between the Iles Shampoo and Iles Conditioner.         

                                                                    (Iles Formula Pinterest)

Bright Auburn Color

To really make a statement this holiday season, add some brightness to the festivities with a warming, auburn glow. Winter makes for a superb time to try a color like this, and it is sure to make you feel the holiday spirit. If you’re not looking for too drastic a change, try adding just a few pieces of copper to your hair. This will still help you embody the joyful spirit of the season.


                                                  (Iles Formula Pinterest)

Romantic Half up Half Down

For a more romantic look, curl freshly cleaned hair so the texture is soft and silky. Use a heated tool then wind the section around the fingers and clip till its cold. Be sure to pin the curl high on its base to create great natural root volume at the roots.  Before you start to create your do, make sure to add in the Iles Formula Finishing Serum  to deliver this organic softness.

Once hair is cold drop down the curls and then with a large tooth comb comb the sections through. The comb will give hair definition, almost a texture on it own. Our founder Wendy Iles always finishes her hairdo's with this comb to prevent static and give great natural texture lines to the style. When done, pin hair in place.

                    (Iles Formula Pinterest)        

Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize!

Nothing says festive spirit quite like the extra glow of an accessory. From sparkly clips to silk Twillies, a timeless holiday style can always be achieved with some hair accessories. For an instant charming upgrade, dress up your look with a variety of options. Using accessories also allows us to change up our hairstyle for every event, leaving our loved ones always impressed.

Here our founder Wendy worked with the Iles Formula Twilly named FRIVOLE into Emily's hair. We just love it. Be sure to attach hair with a hooked band first then decorate it with the Twilly.


The Iles Formula Twilly Ties add an air of sophistication to any hairstyle, from an updo to cascading waves. Made with 100% French silk in collaboration with artist Noémie Lacroix, the Twilly Ties is gentle on your locks and comes in three gorgeous patterns. Enhance your braid or French twist with these festive styles. Check out these tips from founder Wendy Iles as she guides you on how to create a magical, 3-minute chignon with Twilly Ties.


How To Use Twilly in a Chignon from ILES FORMULA 


Wherever your holiday takes you, make sure you a rocking a glam, sophisticated look with one of these show-stoppers. Make every day this winter your best hair day, and try out all of these gorgeous styles. Show us your favorite style for this festive season and tag us @ilesformula_hair and use the hashtag #ilesformula on your social media posts! 

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