Front Row at Chanel, Observing The Hair Close-Up

This week our founder Wendy Iles was escorted by her celebrity client Marion Cotillard to the Chanel Defile in Paris.  Marion was seated by another brand ambassador of Chanel Perfume- Kiera Knightly.

Front Row at Chanel, Observing The Hair Close-Up by Iles Formula

     Marion Cotillard and Kierra Knightly are in full interview mode. Photo @wendyiles_hair Instagram

Firstly she coiffed Marion to a Chanel brief of attached hair with organic texture, which she achieved with her "go-to" the  Iles Formula Finishing Serum.

Front Row at Chanel, Observing The Hair Close-Up by Iles Formula

Read on to find Wendy's observation of the show.

Having prestige seating gave me a super close-up on details. I had a focus not only on the beautiful garments but very much on the hair.

Happily, I report that the chef de cabin for hair- James Pecis, adapted an Iles Formula philosophy of lustrous, nurtured hair,  on the casting of long locks and mid-length bobs.

The days of bobs with textured waves and straight ends are OVER and OUT!

Thank goodness, I never understood that trend of textured bobs and straight ends, and hope it never returns. Who is responsible for that trend you may ask, as I ask myself!

I was pleasantly surprised to see the bobs at Chanel with a certain amount of turned under volume broken up by cleverly and delicately worked organic waved surface. The result was effortless, and very modern, as it reinvented once again- The Bob.

Front Row at Chanel, BOBS from ILES FORMULA on Vimeo.


For the voluminous ends, I find it best to do a medium to large round brush blow-dry, without creating volume at the roots. Then on top surfaces break the sections down with a mix of flat "S" formations with 1-inch straightening iron, easing the iron all the way softly through the ends. The ends should look organically real and free, not forced in any way.

Long hair was treated in just the same way.  There was a lightness in the hair- appearing angelic, where it almost floated. The priority was definitely nurtured, healthy hair, which is what I like to claim as Iles Formula's signature finish.

To achieve this lustrous finish, the best serum to use is the Iles Formula Finishing Serum. Not only will it never weigh your hair down, but it protects from heated tools and humidity too.

Top it off with some oversized black ribbons, and achieve an added Chanel touch.

Front Row at Chanel, Long Angelic Hair from ILES FORMULA on Vimeo.


So here is a trend that will send you through the rest of the year, as it's ideal for every season.

Sit back and watch the show from my seat!

Front Row at Chanel, Observing The Hair Close-Up 3 from ILES FORMULA on Vimeo.


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