Germanys Next Top Model...Hair makeovers by Wendy Iles

Being part of the Germany's Next Top Model Makeovers is a big and important episode for the show, not only for the models, and the viewers,  but also the channel. It's a much anticipated event for viewers and challenging work for myself and the makeover team.

23 heads to revamp  with cuts, colors  and extensions in 5 hours with cameras everywhere documenting every word and every move. It's not your normal day at the office. If we the team look tired and frazzled on your screens there is a good reason why!

Once the models are chosen I have  3  or 4 episodes of filming to observe the models  and make a plan on  hair makeover ideas to present to Heidi Klum (the shows anchor woman). I use visuals to present my ideas in a format as we have documented below. This is also my guide on the day, so I know exactly what I'm doing under the speed we need to work . Color images also help our colorist to define the shade required.

Herewith 5 of the girls who had the most radical makeovers.


The moment I saw Sally there was no hesitation in my mind about this short Jean d'Arc bob, her features worked perfectly for it. The color also was very obvious for me if we were going  in this direction she needed a  fashion color of interest.

Before and After


You can see in the maquette  below where I was drawing the idea of  cheek bangs and a fringe onto her photo. I loved this cut on her so much. It took her from a school girl look to something more suitable for the catwalk ... did you love it?  We decided to leave her color as is, allowing the cut to be the feature.

Before and After


I thought about Pia for a long while before deciding on long bangs, I found something very 80's about her beauty, so I wanted to elaborate on this.  In addition,  her forehead was quite high and therefore, adding bangs brought attention to her beautifully shaped mouth.

Germanys Next Top Model...Hair makeovers by Wendy Iles by Iles Formula

Before and After


Sweet Zoe has something very Lolita about her, but being on Thomas' team we wanted to break this and make her more edgy.

Even so, we had 2 ideas, I documented them both however, and saved the decision making for the day of makeover. The options? Either we leave her the color she is and add extensions taking her into a Lolita direction,  or we would lighten her to platinium  blonde and give her a shorter  London vibe  hair cut. We opted for the latter. Zoe loved the look and wore it like it really belonged to her.

Germanys Next Top Model...Hair makeovers by Wendy Iles by Iles Formula


Before and After


That hair..... magnificent  there was not a split end. I fought hard to keep her length, nothing would convince me to cut this hair off, plus it's a great contribution to her beauty. However the color was not flattering, I wanted her to stand out more, so opted for red tones. Her personality is so vibrant and joyous so this color just seemed to fit. We also lightened her eyebrows to fit with her new hair color.

I had one stipulation for the colorist, not too much chemical work to keep her hair as healthy as could be. To take the hair story a step further, we gifted Iles Formula  into the homes of each of the girls showers.   This will also ensure the models hair will be repaired and in pristine health even after the show.


Germanys Next Top Model...Hair makeovers by Wendy Iles by Iles Formula

Before and After


It was very obvious that Ann's hair color should be less ash and more gold.  She was looking very washed out. The haircut I did was an undercut with some asymmetric lengh on top that allowed for some variation.

Before and After

We colored and cut 23 models this day, which would be too many to document here. Not all of the models had both cuts and colors, others had lengthening and thickening with extensions.   We did a full circle with a most of the girls, just one maybe two of the girls we left  alone, as we didn't consider a change would be for the better.

Did you see the show air last night in Germany? Who is your favorite makeover? Let us know in the comments below.

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