Hair Color Trends For Autumn/Fall 2018

This week is the perfect time to share Hair Color Trends For Autumn/Fall 2018 with all of you.   Summer is officially over, and the temperatures have started to drop, which is a great time for a shift in your hair color if that is something you have been considering.  In our Iles Formula community of hairstylists, we are seeing some beautiful Autumn and Fall tones that we know you will just love.  So take some time to scroll though colors that we are excited to share and know that you will be inspired to try.

Hair Color Trends For Autumn/Fall 2018 by Iles Formula


Reds & Coppers

In the last couple of years, red and copper tones have somewhat  taken a back seat to blondes, chocolates, and pastel hair colors, but we are happy to see that they are ready to step back into the limelight.  Here we have gathered some beautiful red and copper tones for Autumn/Fall that you're sure to fall in love with.  Enjoy these images shared by some of our favorite salons currently using our Iles Formula products.

Golden & Copper Blonde Tones

Since we are already talking about copper tones trending for Autumn/Fall, we wanted to also mention that Golden and Copper Blonde tones are also very desirable for the season.  Dropping down a few levels to get away from your summer bleached light blonde is a great idea for the change of seasons. It doesn't mean you need to go as dark as a brown, but rather step into a dark blonde and you will be trending for the season.  We love golden and copper blondes for Autumn/Fall. Here are some beautiful tones to swoon over.


If your still loving the pastel hair color trend, and don't see yourself straying from that any time soon, then you can still switch up for Autumn/Fall just by changing up the tone you are choosing.  One we are loving right now is the image below that is a beautiful  peachy and pinkish tone.  Go for two toned for extra dimension in the hair especially if you don't want to settle for just one color. Stay within the color family for a subtle yet impactful effect.


Cinnamon is a beautiful option for the season. When you think about cinnamon, it's that light to medium brown that has just the right amount of warmth. It instantly feels like Autumn/Fall and gives the feeling of colder temps.  Opt for a few different levels for  an overall dimensional effect. If you have a desire to go a little bit darker, but feel like you need some brightness around the face, have your hairstylist balayage some lighter bits into your hair, especially right in the front hairline.  This allows you to go for a change while still playing it safe.


We adore this blend  of dark and milk chocolate from one of our besties Christopher Pierce of Andy LeCompte Salon.  Remember good home care will preserve your colors.  There is no better way to care for your colors than with  Iles Formula Signature Collection. Our Shampoo protects your hair from excess porosity, the conditioner instantly seals down the hair cuticles after all permanent color work like no other. Our Conditioner was born for this purpose, and our  Serum is loaded with UV protection, anti humidity and also heat protection  which is a huge plus when you have warm colors, as heated tools will fade your golds and reds  very quickly, so when blow drying or using hot tools be sure you have applied our serum beforehand.

Are you inspired to try a new color now for the change of season?  Which of the above images is your favorite?  We love these beautiful tones that our Iles Formula community of hairdressers have shared on their instagram and hope they inspired you as much as they did us.

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