Hair Tips: How To Create Adele's Hair Volume

Hair Tips: How To Create Adele's Hair Volume by Iles Formula
My big secret for keeping hair voluminous for days is so easy. It's a before bed technique.

Firstly, shampoo your hair in a good shampoo that mentions volume. Oribe magnificent volume shampoo, Pantene sheer volume shampoo or L'Oreal  volume filler thickening shampoo and conditioner for example.

As of January 2015, I will be launching my range of hair products and will have the perfect shampoo and conditioner for your volume. It's not launched until then, so stay tuned !

Blow dry hair upside down to get as much root lift as possible. Don't use mousse sprays or gels, it's not necessary and will only hinder the soft supple results. Smooth over  the blow dry surface with a large round brush, then use a straightener or tongs to add the finish you like.
Notice the band I use to attach the hair is soft and fluffy. It's better as you are sleeping on this and it gives less strain on the hair.

Follow my easy to do photo images, notice that the bigger the loops the wider the wave, if you want tighter waves pull through a smaller loop of hair and twist the ends around tighter 2 or 3 times instead of once as I have done here.

#WendyIles' TIP : if you want volume on top of your head then anchor the tail high. If you want flatter roots but wide beautiful volume then anchor the knot lower.

When you wake up don't brush it, throw your head upside down and run your fingers gently through the hair then throw back into shape smoothing the outer bits with your fingers. To get the look of #Adele above, back comb just a little the roots and add a touch of hairspray.

Sleep tight and wake up to gorgeous hair !

Twitter me @ileswendy photos of your results, I'm curious to see. I know you will love this technique.
Hair Tips: How To Create Adele's Hair Volume by Iles Formula
Hair Tips: How To Create Adele's Hair Volume by Iles Formula

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