How Emotion is a Big Part of the Equation Using Iles Formula Haircare

Unleashing Unforgettable Emotions.

Do you still remember that unforgettable first touch and the sumptuous soft feel of your hair after using our products?  Yes! Emotion is a big part of the equation when using Iles Formula haircare. The soft lingering perfume that engulfs you and then quietly lingers away, reappearing as sunlight touches your hair or from the warmth of your pillow at night reminding you -  we are with you, every step of the way.


How Emotion is a Big Part of the Equation Using Iles Formula Haircare by Iles Formula

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No matter how you wash it, dry it, style it, or pamper it, hair is one of our obsessions. We’re passionate about making this part of our body healthy and strong.

The experience of using Iles Formula is truly an expression of self-love. And like all love affairs, it flourishes when given time and mindful attention. Part of the magic of Iles Formula is that it allows you to rediscover, nourish, and support the natural radiance your hair already holds - even if you do not believe it is there, we promise you that it is!

Say Goodbye to Stress and Shine like a Star

Hair is so important to express who you are and what messages you send across. It has long been recognized that emotional stress affects hair health. Why? Because for hair to grow just a fraction of an inch, you need thousands of cells for one strand. The hair follicle is very demanding of perfect conditions, so if conditions change, the hair follicle responds. Stress triggers it to go from a growing to a resting phase.

A bad hair day or hair loss can truly bring you down, but beautiful locks can make you feel like a million bucks. Your hair can make a statement before you ever get the chance to open your mouth. And we are a great place to start rebuilding that foundation for beautiful hair.


How Emotion is a Big Part of the Equation Using Iles Formula Haircare by Iles Formula

Remove all Problems Together with Dirt

The Signature Haute Performance Shampoo washes away all your problems and any sadness that remains together with the impurities from your hair and scalp! It feels so good to get rid of all this! You will feel really clean by using our deep cleansing shampoo with Vitamin B5 and Active vegetal root juices which helps restitute dull hair for all ages and all hair types, leaving it beautifully shiny. Our formulas are sulfate free + silicon free + paraben free leaving your hair soft and perfectly clean which will be easier to comb and you will rejoice in a remarkable sense of lightness and a pleasant moment of cleanliness.


How Emotion is a Big Part of the Equation Using Iles Formula Haircare by Iles Formula

Scalp like a Warm Summer Rain

Like a warm summer rain, the Signature Haute Performance Shampoo will be a delight and refreshment to dry hair and scalp. It contains powerful pantothenic acid which will restore the hair shaft and helps repair split ends, delivering incredible silky texture and movement.

We know that moisture is necessary for beautiful hair – it guarantees the presence of keratin in the hair, which keeps it strong. That’s why our shampoo moisturizes and nurtures your hair from their roots to the ends. Healthy and moisturized hair will give you more confidence and will fascinate others.

Lifting Your Mood

Cheer yourself up – add more volume to your hair! A bun as if blown by the wind, romantic curls or simply straight loose hair. Significantly more volume in your hair will help create a radiant and relaxed look. Thanks to the Signature Haute Performance Conditioner, which contains Tucuma Palm acting in combination with Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E that moisturizes and nurtures the hair and makes it significantly more voluminous and stronger. You will be surprised by the volume of your hair!


How Emotion is a Big Part of the Equation Using Iles Formula Haircare by Iles Formula

How Emotion is a Big Part of the Equation Using Iles Formula Haircare by Iles Formula

Enhance Your Confidence

Even if you are already confident in yourself, you can always boost your confidence. The feeling when you catch yourself smiling and suddenly feel more beautiful. We captured that in the Iles Formula products.

We have formulated our products to help you look better, smell better, and take better care of your hair. Add the Iles Finishing Protection Serum which will not only protect your hair from wind, sun and pollution but also against heated tools and color fade. Always embrace the way you look when you use the best hair products. You won’t have to worry about fruity smells or hair products that just don’t work.

We have made sure that the experience with Iles Formula will become an inseparable part of your morning ritual which inspires, energizes, and dictates the rhythm of the day. Make your day brim with these joyful occurrences!


How Emotion is a Big Part of the Equation Using Iles Formula Haircare by Iles Formula

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  • Alice Crain

    I used to think that, although there are some subtle differences between shampoos, but Iles has clearly demonstrated that there can be significant differences. I use the shampoo, conditioner, and finishing serum. I have short hair. The Iles system brings out the natural curl, leaves my hair with a lot of body, and leaves my hair and scalp looking healthy and full of body. In the beginning, I was concerned that the white opaque serum would leave my hair feeling coarse. My concerns quickly dissipated. My hair is very fine, but has a lot of body and feels as soft as a baby’s hair. Although it is quite expensive, I will not use anything else. I think I will try the system for curly hair next time.

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