How to do Cheryl Cole's Red Carpet Chignon in 5 easy steps

How to do Cheryl Cole’s Red Carpet Chignon in 5 easy steps by Iles Formula
Firstly as most of us don't do red carpets, I would say take a look at the inspiration images from the D&G fashion show in my last blog article, the style is less couture and more adaptable to everyday wear and it is easy to do.

Shampoo and condition your hair the night before. To make this coiffure, it's better to have the hair not too fresh. If your hair is curly, blow dry it out to a smooth wave and if it is straight, you possibly can let it naturally dry. On dry hair,  you can add extra texture  by using a  sea salt spray  or a dry shampoo. This matte texture makes the hair easier to work. Blow dry this product through the hair upside down to create a tousled look.

1/Take  sections on the crown  and top of head and section by section Back-comb the hair

2/ Clip away one section about 1 inch thickness at the nape of your neck

3/ Go back up to the crown area and smooth over the outer surface of backcombing with a small brush ... Leave the hair texture a bit rough as it's more modern

4/ Then attach the hair in a low pony tail, sitting just on the section line of the hair that is pinned away near the nape of your neck

5/ Back-comb the base of ponytail together with the piece that you sectioned out, then roll the 2 pieces together in an upward direction. Pin in place with bobby pins or big flat U shaped pins. Keep this pretty flat in shape not too round or big.

If you like a touch of hairspray try the Elnett. I do think it's the best lacquer as it brushes out easily and does not get sticky in damp weather. Don't use too much, keep the style alive and free, not too stiff.

I will use this occasion to thank Charlotte Boo @197soldier4life for her beautiful illustration of Cheryl's red carpet hair.
How to do Cheryl Cole’s Red Carpet Chignon in 5 easy steps by Iles Formula

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