How to get rid of split ends and prevent them?

Have you ever dreamt of split end free hair ? Most long hair wearers have suffered split ends at some time or another. In this journal post, we are going to help you understand How To Get Rid Of Split Ends And Prevent Them.

How to get rid of split ends and prevent them? by Iles Formula

What Are Split Ends?

The ends of the hair fork into 2 sometimes 3 sections and create havoc with knots, dryness and eventually breakage. Have you ever experienced that feeling that your long hair is not growing ?  Yes it's growing, it's just an illusion and split ends are often the cause. As the hair  is growing from the roots it's breaking at the ends.... as simple as that, and the best cure is to get rid of those split ends as fast as we can.

Get rid of Split Ends With Hair Trimming

As professionals we prefer to get rid of split ends with scissors and then prevent them from returning with selected care products. It's not necessarily about a big hair chop, not at all. There are several methods to fix split ends which we will explain to you here.

How to get rid of split ends and prevent them? by Iles Formula

Our favorite technique not to loose length is to take small sections in between two fingers as above and snip off all the ends that protrude by placing the scissor flat on the hair and running it up the section to get rid of the split ends. One can also twist these sections in little spirals and the split ends will pop out giving you clear vision to remove them.

Fix Split Ends With Velaterapia

Have you heard of  Velaterapia or candle cutting ?

 How to get rid of split ends and prevent them? by Iles Formula

This is a very old method to fix split ends with a candle flame and Alessandra Ambrossio swears by it. It's a method we rarely see today in most European countries but is still very popular in South American states. It's certainly one of the oldest tips for split ends on the hair.

To do the treatment, a stylist will twist a section of your clean dry hair and then quickly run a burning candle over the split ends that are popping from the section. Be very sure you do not attempt this your self but find a certified hairdresser that knows the velaterapia treatment. They are few and far between these days but do exist.

Clean sections are vital and be sure your hair is freshly shampooed and dried without any styling products on the hair. Hair must be alcohol and petroleum product free. (Some mass market products for ethnic hair have these ingredients.)

Finish the treatment by brushing the hair through and all split ends will drop to the floor in singed balls. Shampoo and condition .

Screen-Shot-2017-09-06-at-11.37.08.png by Iles Formula

 Prevent Split Ends With Home Care & Treatments

When it comes to preventing split ends, you need to get your hair back to healthy. The first tip to consider is making sure that what you are using at home is professional and will correct any damage that has been caused by the environment or your hair tools.  It is important to use hydrating products, that will repair the hair as quickly as possible.  This is why we love our Iles Formula products, because they offer INSTANT repair for ALL hair types.  You really can't beat that can you?

How to get rid of split ends and prevent them? by Iles Formula

Three easy steps to make your hair healthier and prevent split ends, make it a no brainer:

Our Iles Formula Shampoo: sulfate free + paraben free + silicon free.
Our Conditioner: Instantly repairs all hair types.
Our Finishing Serum: Protects the hair against heated tools, UV damage, color fade and humidity.

Don't forget to use hair mask for split ends. Once or twice a month treat your hair to a luxurious spa treatment by using our strengthening and nourishing Hair Mask.  Instant results, and you will love how amazing your hair will feel. These products will maintain healthy hair, and help prevent split ends from returning. Hence longer hair!

How to get rid of split ends and prevent them? by Iles Formula


Brush Your Hair

It sounds like a simple request, but most people don't brush their hair nearly as much as they should. Why is this simple task so beneficial, including to get rid of split ends? When you brush your hair continuously, you encourage the natural oils to come out.  In addition, you are also stimulating the scalp, which  promotes hair growth.  If you can remember back to being a child, you likely have heard brush 100-200 strokes.  This is great advice, and we recommend that as well.  By having a number to shoot for, it will ensure that you thoroughly brush your hair.  Thus, resulting in a healthier scalp and hair.

How to get rid of split ends and prevent them? by Iles Formula

What types of brushes do we recommend using?  We like The Wet Brush, which is a great detangling brush and makes removing tangles  more pleasant.  Also, a boar bristle, or vegan boar bristle brush is good  as the bristles are softer and help encourage the natural oil production.

How to get rid of split ends and prevent them? by Iles Formula

These tips are all you need to get rid of split ends hair.  Invest in proper at home care, tools and haircuts and you will be so pleased with the results.  Spun silk hair, that is our goal.  These are the easiest steps for instantly correcting and preventing split ends.

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