How To Use A Hair Mask For Best Results

We all know what a hair mask is, and many of you reading this have tried most.  However, there are different types of hair masks, that do different types of things, so we wanted to share with you how to determine if you are using the right hair mask for your needs and How To Use A Hair Mask For Best Results.  If your feeling like your hair could use a little extra love right now, then this journal post should be helpful.

How To Use A Hair Mask For Best Results by Iles Formula


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Not All Hair Masks Are Created Equal

If you are wondering yourself how to use a hair mask, the first thing to know is that not all hair masks are created equal.  This doesn't necessarily mean that it's not a good hair mask, it just means that it may not be the right one for the type of help your hair needs.  For example, there are hair masks that are made of protein which will help correct damage that has been caused to the hair, and there are hair masks that are moisturizing that will correct dryness.  In addition, there are also hair masks that are both protein and moisture based.

Why is this important to know?

If you use a hair mask on your hair that is protein based and your hair is not damaged but its dry, you could potentially end up with it feeling drier.  If you use a moisture based hair mask on damaged hair, it won't have enough power to begin correcting the damage.

There is such thing as over proteintized hair.  Simply put, this means that you have added too much protein into hair that doesn't need it.  Sometimes dry hair can be mistaken for damage and vice versa.  Damaged hair means there is breakage from chemicals and trauma, and dry hair is caused by overuse of hot tools (blow dryers, curling irons, flat irons, etc).  Using a mask that protects and nourishes at the same time is perfect because you get the best of both worlds.



How To Use A Hair Mask For Best Results by Iles Formula

The Iles Formula Haute Performance Mask was developed to protect, nourish and  strengthen.  Selected raw ingredients make up the most sumptuous cocktail for hair and scalp without weighing the hair down.  Tucuma butter and pracaxia extracts are sourced from the Amazon, silk proteins from Japan, nut oils from Australia as well as vitamin E, Panthenol, and B5.  The mask is Paraben free, color safe, biodegradable and contains no allergens.

How To Use A Hair Mask For Best Results

Now for the good stuff!  Once you have determined which hair mask is best for your needs, we can discuss How To Use A Hair Mask For Best Results.  Here are some tips for using our Iles Formula Hair Mask:

1.). The Iles Formula Hair Mask is best applied after the Iles Formula Shampoo. Why? Because the Iles Formula shampoo already is scanning the hair shaft for porosity holes equaling out the hairs porosity before applying the mask. Remove excess water and apply the mask liberally throughout the hair and scalp. Remember this mask is like a cocktail of vitamins so we want the scalp to also benefit, so apply it liberally.

2.). Indulge for 5 to 20 minutes.  It's best to clip the hair up and then apply a processing cap if possible.  This will allow you to relax or work on things around the house while the product is doing its magic.  If you have a hood dryer or are getting it done at a salon, relax under a hood dryer for maximum benefits.


How To Use A Hair Mask For Best Results by Iles Formula

3.). Rinse the hair well and then finish with the Iles Formula Conditioner.   The Iles conditioner is like no other ,and is the ideal finishing treatment as it shuts down tight the hair follicles sealing in all the nourishment the mask has delivered. Comb it through before rinsing to ensure perfect coverage. This conditioner is loved by top hairdressers around the globe for its hair shaft sealing performance.

Our Spa Collection Box below comes with each of the 3 products plus the distribution comb to make the steps easy to follow.

How To Use A Hair Mask For Best Results by Iles Formula


How Often Should You Use A Hair Mask

How often you should use a hair mask depends on how much your hair needs it.  You can use a hair mask as much as once a week in the cases of brittle, dry and damaged hair, and up to as little as once a month for all other hair types.  Let your hair be the judge of frequency.

In the case of very coarse and curly frizzy hair, you can even use the mask daily by applying less product on very wet hair, comb through and leave it in the hair to dry naturally for the most beautiful, bouncy, luscious curls you could ever dream of.  Again, your hair will dictate the frequency of use.

Continuously using a hair mask can also aid in hair growth, because the healthier your hair is, the more it encourages the growth.  So as long as you are using the right mask for your needs, you will benefit greatly.


How To Use A Hair Mask For Best Results by Iles Formula

No retouch &  No extensions , these are true and real results after one use of using Iles Formula shampoo, mask and conditioner.

The results from using a hair mask can be quite tremendous, as you can see in the before and after image above.  The image on the left, dry, brittle, damaged hair that looks limp and lacks shine.  The image on the right after just one use of our Iles Formula Shampoo, Mask and Conditioner resulted in healthier hair that looks fuller and shinier.  What more can you ask for really?

We hope this has helped you determine which mask is right for you and How To Use A Hair Mask For Best Results.

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