How To Use Hair Rollers To Get A Sexy Volume

How To Use Hair Rollers To Get A Sexy Volume by Iles Formula


Let's speak about roller volume and how to achieve that big sexy Victoria's Secret hair.

There are 2 ways to go about this, either with the perfect wet set to be dried under a hood dryer ( photo Right ) which will give the most root lift and curl definition, or a dry Velcro roller set ( photo left ) after blow drying which will give a more natural movement enhancing a certain root lift but not as much as the wet set.

How To Use Hair Rollers To Get A Sexy Volume by Iles Formula

My tools are Velcro rollers for dry hair as they have such a great grip and can be applied quickly and removed quickly without tangle and snags. These are great "on set" tools that i always have handy in my work kit. Celebrities love them ! It's not necessary to clip these in place although I usually do to apply extra tension on the root lift area. The hour glass rollers are very good for wet hair. They have tiny grips and slightly elevated sides that help to grip and keep the hair in place. They are especially good when winding up long hair as the hour glass center accommodates the thinner end sections of the hair so as once wound half way an even tension has appeared across surface of rollers. These are held in place in stick like prongs.


How To Use Hair Rollers To Get A Sexy Volume by Iles Formula


Steps for WET SET

1/  Apply to wet hair a setting lotion or volume mousse of your choice. Comb through to distribute evenly from roots to ends.

2/ Part the hair or section straight back off face depending on your chosen style.

3/ Start winding from the front hairline toward the neckline. Lift each section up high holding a little forward from the base of section so as once the roller is rolled onto roots, it sits well on its base. This creates the root volume you need. More you drag on the roots, the flatter the roots will be. Try to gain a good tight tension all the way during the wind.

4/ Allow the hair to dry well under a hood dryer. Do not remove the rollers until around 10 minutes outside of the dryer once the hair has cooled down.  The curl needs to be cold to be totally set in position. The same applies to hot rollers or hot tonged curls.

5/ Remember to let the hair cool down before removing the curlers. For the dry set I use more my fingers to break the hair up and mold it into place. With the wet set a brush is the required tool to bring together the root sections. Once well brushed out take a large tooth comb and skim over the surface to mold the shape of style in place.

For a DRY SET  it would be more about using them after a hot tonging or hot rollers to stretch out an otherwise too curly hair do, or can be placed to a freshly blow dried head of hair to give extra root lift and create soft natural body and bounce.

I can remember years ago Coca Cola cans were useful as it was difficult to find rollers large enough. Today they occasionally are used but more for a fashion image than reality. It''s difficult to clip them in place with good tension so not perfectly practical.

Have fun !

How To Use Hair Rollers To Get A Sexy Volume by Iles Formula


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