How To Use Iles Formula Serums.

Have you ever wondered how to properly use a high performant serum or even imagine a serum would be ideal for your hair type? This article is to guide you on "how to use" our Iles Formula Serums. We have 2 serums and either or in some cases, both can be applied to all hair types.

Both our serums  protect hair from heated tools + UV + colour fade + humidity and can be applied to wet or dry hair.

We will start with the Iles Formula Finishing Serum, loved by celebrities and royals around the world. The lustre that is delivered is unbeatable through a camera flash.

It's the go-to product for freelance hairdressers on a photo or film set transforming dry, broken, brittle hair to a soft sumptuous silk texture, just by blow drying this serum into dampened hair.

In the following image, you see the magic that has happened between the before image and the after. That magic fullness you see in the image comes from blow drying into wet hair very methodically our finishing serum. So read carefully, this is the tip we teach salon operators who  support Iles Formula.

This image  above was  a 3 step system process using firstly the Iles Shampoo to STOP breakage and the Iles Conditioner to REPAIR the hair shaft. Both formulas work INSTANTLY.

The WOW effect you see is in fact heat activating the Iles Finishing Protection Serum into every section of hair as you blow dry to deliver this organic soft fullness to the hair.

Before applying the serum start to blow dry all roots in the opposite direction to the way they fall naturally. Use a nozzle on your dryer to direct air just to roots, or you will end up drying too much of the midlength of section. This gives incredible natural root lift to your blow-dry. We do not apply serums to roots.

The serum can be applied to both wet and dry hair, however, to get the magic in the above image one needs to blow dry a pea size of serum on each section of hair, starting at the nape and working your way methodically to the top of the head.

Clear sectioning is important Don't cheat by applying it all over the hair first and then blow-drying because simply you will miss important sections of hair within and the same thickness will not be achieved in your end result.

If your ends are naturally very dry, keep adding the finishing serum to them with the heat of dryer until the ends start to look like healthy hair, sometimes damaged tips need 2 or 3 applications of serum. The feel will be your guide.

Once the serum has been blow-dried into each layer, take your heated tool and create the finish to your blow-dry.

Texturise with Finishing Serum

This image of Keira Knightly was executed by our founder Wendy Iles. Once the blow dry was finished she added hot tongs to add the "poetry" as she calls it, then simply picked up small sections and applied more finishing serum so as the strands are almost wet with serum.  Place each strand gently into place and do not touch them until they are dry. The serum applied to dry hair dries very quickly and will dry with a texture. Once dry, just shake the meshes into place. Do not comb or brush or all your efforts will disappear back to sumptuous silk with no texture.   That's the ideal serum for a photoshoot, or if you wish to hop into bed at night with lustrous silky locks, and no product buildup.

A small amount of serum can be applied daily to protect your style from heated tools, UV, colour fade and humidity or static from extreme cold. We have just released THE MINI's,  keep the 50 ml bottle of serum in your handbag to always have on hand.

The wonderful thing about the finishing serum is that it does all the above and never weighs hair down. Excellent for thin, fine hair to create an organic type of thickness.

The Iles Formula Curl Revive.

Now let's not get confused with the word curl!    Curl is mentioned as this  Curl Revive formula was formulated to honour all types of textured hair, curly, wavy and frizzy, it just so happens it is excellent on thick coarse hair like Indian or Asian hair which is usually straight also Keratin treated hair  where the curl has been relaxed.

Why? Because this serum is like the big brother to the finishing serum. It delivers a cashmere finish to hair opposed to a silk finish. Cashmere is heavier and denser than silk, makes sense right? Thick coarse hair or all kinds of curl texture need a weightier serum opposed to finer-textured hair.

To apply this serum just simply spray all over then diffuse with a dryer or allow curls to dry naturally. Your hair is protected from heated tools if you decide to accentuate curls in any way with hot tools.

A small amount can be added daily to freshen up curls.

To blow-dry into straight hair, just simply spray the hair and start your dry. This serum blow-dried into strong, coarse hair will help tame and calm down the strong strands.

Again for best results, we always suggest you nurture the hair first with Iles Formula Shampoo and conditioner.



There is a limited edition Iles Formula curl pack available online that is to honour all those women with texture who want all the necessary tools for gorgeous curls. There is even a recipe from Wendy herself inside the Curl Revive Box. to reassure gorgeous curls. Be sure you don't miss it!


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