Iles Formula Women Featuring The Ozturk Sisters Of Harem London

This week on the journal we are sharing Iles Formula Women Featuring The Ozturk Sisters Of Harem London.  DUYGU D OZTURK and BEGUM NAZ OZTURK (@haremlondon) are the Founders of HAREM LONDON ( The sisters, one ex-Central St Martins and the other ex-Goldsmith’s, originally launched Harem London in 2015, as a luxury lifestyle collection. Their first and now signature product, the “Pestamal” or hammam towel lies at the core of the brand.  Following the success of their signature product and the accompanying bathrobes, the sisters were soon being approached by leading hotels, spas and private clubs, such as The Spa at The Four Seasons, 10 Trinity Square and The Moroccan Hammam at Harrods to name a few.

2017 saw the launch of their first beachwear collection, a natural evolution of their initial lifestyle products, consisting of casual and versatile yet chic dresses, kimonos, kaftans and separates, all made from the same original hammam towel fabric that they had perfected.  2019 sees their first AW18 collection under the HAREM LONDON name. Hoodies, chic track pants, t-shirts are designed to be mixed and matched and available in Harem London’s signature sophisticated colour palette.


Begum Naz Ozturk and Duygu D Ozturk


Managing Director and Creative Director Of Harem London

IF:  Relationship with your hair?

Begum - Love-hate relationship. Sometimes I don't like how it looks, But when I look after it well, it usually  doesn't fail me.

Duygu - We are married.

IF:  Best Hair Inspiration decade?

Begum - Always admired 60's Hairstyles with huge volume and hair bands.

Duygu – 90's


Iles Formula Women Featuring The Ozturk Sisters Of Harem London by Iles Formula

IF:  How did you hear about Iles Formula?

Begum - Social Media

Duygu – From a friend.

IF:  What is the most inspiring thing you've learned at your job?

Begum - There will be no progress if you don't work hard.

Duygu – To love people.

IF:  Do you read direction for use?

Begum – Always!

Duygu - Sometimes..

IF:  Do you read the composition of a product?

Begum – Always!

Duygu - Sometimes...

IF:  Your favorite Iles Formula product?

Begum – The Haute Performance Conditioner

Duygu - The Shampoo


Iles Formula Women Featuring The Ozturk Sisters Of Harem London by Iles Formula

IF:  Your favorite shower dance?

Begum – The "Try not to fall"

Duygu - I am very serious in the shower :)

IF:  What makes you the most happy?

Begum – Family

Duygu - Love

IF:  If you were to share one beauty tip with us today, what would it be?

Begum - Always use natural products.

Duygu - Hydration is key.


Iles Formula Women Featuring The Ozturk Sisters Of Harem London by Iles Formula

IF:  Being a woman in 2019?

Begum - Being a women in 2019 is making me hopeful for the future.

Duygu – It is not always easy.

IF:  If you didn’t do the job you do now, what do you think you would be doing?

Begum - Kindergarten teacher.

Duygu - Something creative for sure, maybe cooking more.

IF:  Which celebrities do you think are wearing great hair at the moment and why?

Begum -Sandra Bullock's hair is my all time favorite. Always natural but stylish and looks very healthy.

Duygu - Maxine Leonard, the Editor of Beauty Papers has the best hair and she knows how to use it.  

Thank you ladies for sharing with Iles Formula.

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