Instyle: Now You Can Use The Same Shampoo As Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid's stylist spilled his secrets—and for that we are truly thankful. There are moments in life where you find things out and are like, "I simply cannot keep this information to myself." It's just too good. A shout it from the rooftops moment, if you will. Recently, this precise phenomenon happened to Iles Formula. We had the pleasure of getting the Hadid treatment from Gigi's very own hair stylist, Kenna Kennor. But not only that—he also gave us the skinny on the products he loves to use on her to give her that hair. We couldn't keep it form you, take a peek to see this weeks journal, Instyle: Now You Can Use The Same Shampoo As Gigi Hadid.  

Read on to find out why this shampoo and conditioner is going to give you the supermodel hair of your dreams... to read more

Instyle: Now You Can Use The Same Shampoo As Gigi Hadid by Iles Formula

Yes!  It's true, Kenna uses our very own Iles Formula Shampoo and Conditioner to treat the locks of the beautiful Gigi Hadid.   That is very exciting news for us because who isn't envious of her hair?  Have you had the opportunity to try our range of products yet?  Instant repair for all hair types, means after just 1 use you will start to see the results from our formulas.

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