Kennaland our Brooklyn Ambassador Salon

Kennaland our Brooklyn Ambassador Salon by Iles Formula
We are proud to introduce you to our new Ambassador salon in Brooklyn New York! Kennaland is a hair salon born out of a desire to move away from the traditional salon: its haste, hustle, bad lighting, weak tea and the continual churn of clients and stylists through the doors.

Having worked for 14 years in salons, on photo and film sets and backstage of catwalks across the globe, Kenna wanted to create a space for his team and other session stylists to be able to work on their valued clients but with the freedom and flexibility needed to maintain careers in fashion and beauty industries.

Kennaland began as a partnership between Kenna, a celebrated stylist and creative director of ghd, and Sophia, 'London's best colorist for blondes' (Timeout Magazine, 2013), in a disused, east London theatre. Clients and stylists alike quickly became accustomed to the unconventional, somewhat mysterious location. Less than a year later Kennaland outgrew the space moving in 2010 to a secret spot above the notorious Hackney pub, The Cat & Mutton - the perfect relocation.
Kennaland our Brooklyn Ambassador Salon by Iles Formula
Here, Kennaland sat atop a rickety spiral staircase above the pub and welcomed you with the feel of an eclectic Victorian home, a ramshackle display of wigs and an abundance of curiosities acquired from Kenna's love of car boot sales. Visits were supplemented by scotch eggs from Broadway Market below – but enjoyed exclusively out of its chaos and Kennaland quickly was established as the go-to for the fashion savvy for cuts, colors, consults and sometimes just to hang out!

In 2013 Kennaland upped roots again, undergoing a makeover and a short trip across London Fields to accomodate the ever-expanding clientele. The new London Fields space retains its underground feel both in essence and physically - being set slightly below ground level in an old children's ballet studio. Coppa rooftop restaurant provides convenient refreshments and the Broadway Market scotch eggs are still on hand to greet you on a hazy-headed Saturday morning.  The fresh decor has taken some inspiration from Kenna's endeavors in America…
Kennaland our Brooklyn Ambassador Salon by Iles Formula
With Kenna's career in fashion flourishing and finding himself in NY on a more regular basis, Kennaland Brooklyn was born as a sister to the London studio.  Like its sibling, Kennaland Brooklyn retains exclusivity and remains out of the commotion of the Manhattan city life. You will find it located in the fashionable neighborhood of Greenpoint, sitting above street level in an old pencil factory, making the most of its heavy wood beams and industrial edges. A full staff as diverse and talented as the London original are there to greet and groom you, as are the comfy couches, quirky collectibles and a bar not far below.

Pay Kennaland a visit and get our signature spun silk texture hair!





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