Layer Your Long Hair

Layer Your Long Hair by Iles Formula

Layered hairstyle

Cut some layers in your long hair to add volume and interest. I also thinks its a great addition to a layered hairstyle to add some highlights or lowlights which add an even stronger textured effect.

Choose your haircutter well, I advise to take a photo with you to show the hair stylist exactly what you are expecting. A photo speaks a thousand words.

What's nice about this cut is the softened whispy fringe, its a bit asymmetric which means it could be dissolved away to the side if wanted. The front layers can be a great look also if you attach the back.

My preferred colours are #Goldwell but as its "professional only" you need to find which salons stock these colors. #Schwarzkopf are also reliable colors. If you are not doing highlights then add a shampoo color - like Schwarzkopf's "Palette" that has no ammonia and lasts several washes.

Ones I like the most are the warm and dark browns. They also have silver washes to take yellow out of blondes . These you can buy  across the counter or online by Googling Schwarzkopf Palette color shampoo.

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