My Secret Receipe

It's always  very rewarding when finally  one of my work projects is released. It takes a while between the actual shooting and the publication whether its a TV spot or  photo campaign. For example last July I wrote in my blog about me working with Chinese celebrity Tang Wei. I called it "6 flights in 7 days" after my chaotic week and one day photo shoot in Hong Kong. This image above is the result of that job just published this week.

It's  a challenge to work for Pantene. They have ridged rules, one of them being not allowing the add of extension to the hair and retouch is at an absolute minimum. Because perfection is the key aim, i had to become a master at making a few hairs look many!

I don't use hairspray when I work, so my prep is very important to give me hair that obeys . To help achieve this ,I use my own "home made products". They give me the luxury hair which is what I need. This step is my key tool.

I met lovely Tang Wei  through Pantene. She is one of China's biggest cinema stars. Here is a beautiful film preview of "Lust and Caution" that she starred in .

My Secret Receipe by Iles Formula

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