No Heat Curls Technique

Healthy is currently what's trending when it comes to hair. Lustrous, beautiful, healthy looking hair.  With that being said, if healthy hair is what you desire, then what you use on your hair is very important.  It may be time to give your hair a break from some of the elements causing damage to your hair.  This could mean taking a break from your irons and hairdryer.  If you think it may be time you and your tools  "take a break", then we have some No Heat Curls options for you that will be a game changer and have your hair healthy in no time at all.

For each No Heat Curls technique, we recommend using our Iles Formula Finishing Serum, as it helps control the hair while setting due to its pure silk extracts, and won't make the hair heavy or greasy. Known as the hairs best protector against UV damage , color fade, humidity and heated tools which is not the case here, but something to keep in mind when back using hot tools.   What more could you ask for.

No Heat Curls Technique by Iles Formula

A pro tip we love to share is that if you set your hair when it is wet, you will get tighter and longer lasting curls or waves than if you set it while it is dry.


The first and one of the easiest options for No Heat Curls is braids.  Braids are perfect as they create a beachy waves vibe.  By simply adjusting the size and amount of braids you add, will determine how much and how tight the waves are.  We have found that two larger braids work very well.  Plus, you get to braid your hair and wear the braids for a day or two before releasing them.  That makes 3 days of hairstyles without the use of tools at all.

No Heat Curls Technique by Iles Formula

Photo Source:  Coveteur


Are you thinking right now that you don't really know how to braid?  No problem, a quick You- Tube tutorial can change that for you.  If your not too savvy with a French braid, you can create two three strand braids instead and get similar results.  Before braiding, prep your hair with our Iles Formula Finishing Serum for control and hold.  After a couple of days, you can release the braids and end up with beautiful beachy waves.  If the waves are too curly, spritz them with a bit of water to relax them slightly.  You will end up with a looser or tighter version as pictured below.

No Heat Curls Technique by Iles Formula

Bantu Knots

Bantu Knots are another great option for No Heat Curls. If your more adventurous with your hairstyles, you can wear these for a couple days like the braids, before releasing them.  The wider the sections, the looser your curls will be, the smaller the sections the tighter the curls will be.  So go ahead and get creative, you can even combine both smaller and larger sections for variations in curl sizes.

No Heat Curls Technique by Iles Formula

Photo:  Valentino

When you release the knots, you will end up with a tighter, bouncier curl.  Be sure to twist the hair around faceline away from the face.

No Heat Curls Technique by Iles Formula

 Headband Curls

Headband curls are another no heat option.  This technique works best on dry hair.  Start by prepping your with Iles Formula Finishing Serum, and place a headband onto your head like the image below.  Next, take one inch sections and wrap them up and around the headband until all of the hair is wrapped.  Repeat until you have wrapped up all of the hair.  If you like how it looks, wear it for the day before releasing.  If it is not a style you fancy, then set it before bed and release upon waking.

No Heat Curls Technique by Iles Formula

Photo Source:

Top Knot

Top Knots are a great way to create a no heat curl or wave in the hair.  They are super convenient also, because what women doesn't love wearing a top knot.  So this is a super convenient way to eliminate the use of an iron for a looser curled effect.  Prep the hair with Iles Formula Finishing Serum, and secure a ponytail on top of the head.  Next, take the loose hair and twist it until it forms a knot and secure with a bobby pin or another elastic.


When you release the top knot, the result is a loose and bouncy curl.  The same rules apply, the larger the section, the looser the curls.  The smaller the section, the tighter the curls.


Roller Set

The roller set is a classic way of creating curl in the hair.  You can set the hair wet and allow it to dry completely before releasing.  Or, if you are short on time, you can lightly spritz the hair to dampen it, and set it half way dry.  When setting hair with rollers, be sure to comb the sections so that they are completely combed smooth, and then roll them.  This will provide a cleaner set, which results in a better finish.  Set the rollers in front away from the face.

No Heat Curls Technique by Iles Formula

Photo:  Azealia Banks, photo by Michael Flores

Be gentle when removing the rollers, trying not to disrupt the curls too much.  When all of the rollers are removed, gently shake your head for a more tousled look, or use a dressing brush to detail the set.



Pin Curls

The final No Heat Curls technique is Pin Curls.  Pin curls are a classic way of setting the hair, however they can be time consuming and take a bit more patience.  The best way to create pin curls, is to section the hair by rows.  Then row by row, take 1 inch sections and roll the section around your first two fingers.  After you have rolled them, secure them at the base using clips.  Wrap all of the sections in the first row in the same direction.  In the next row, wrap in the opposite direction and so on.

No Heat Curls Technique by Iles Formula

 Photo:  Hairbrained


For all of the hard work it takes creating pin curls, the payoff is major.  You can get a looser, more classic wave style, or even a tighter brushed out variation that is also a fun option.  Either way, a pin curl set has lasting power and you will definitely be able to get a couple of days use out of it.

The options are endless when it comes to No Heat Curls, mainly because just by changing the sizes of your sections you can get a completely different look.

Have you already tried any of these No Heat Curls techniques?  Tell us which ones in the comments below.  If you decide to give any of these a shot, don't forget to tag us in @ilesformula_hair and #IlesFormula.

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