Padmé Amidala Hair Tutorial

Padmé Amidala Hair Tutorial by Iles Formula
Following this week’s Iles Formula homage to Star Wars and the franchise inevitable capability of launching iconic looks, here we show you our favourite Padmé Amidala hairstyle. Like the Leia’s tutorial  ( photo above ) - click here to see - this hairstyle works best for those with long hair. Yet, we chose this hairstyle as it is one of the few where extensions and fake hair is not obliged. Far from the galaxy far far away, Padmé’s battle maiden hair can become a very chic and stylish version of the chignon. I can see red carpets mocking an update on this version in 2016.
Padmé Amidala Hair Tutorial by Iles Formula
Padmé Amidala Hair Tutorial by Iles Formula
You will need (to have long hair), Iles Formula Finishing Serum, hair pins and 2 elastics.

Step 1: After preparing your hair with Iles Formula Finishing Serum Iles Formula Finishing Serum brush your hair into a low-to-mid lose ponytail. Whats wonderful about the Iles Formula finishing serum is that it leaves the hair silky and pliable. What ages the image of exsisting reference is too much hairspray. So bin the spray girls, it just dates the style.

Step 2: Pull out a small lock of hair and put it to the side, this will be used to cover the elastic with later.  I found that looping it forward over the ear kept it out of the way, or simply clip it away.

Step 3: Twist the elastic one final time and pull your hair about halfway through so you’ve got a loop at the top and the rest of your hair is still hanging free beneath it.

Step 4: Take another elastic and loop it around the first elastic and your hair.  Then pull the rest of your hair through and create a second loop at the bottom.

Bobby pin the loose ends underneath so they aren’t flying free and escaping.

Step 5: Take that lock of hair we put aside (or over your ear) earlier, smear some more finishing serum over the piece to clean up any fly aways then wrap it around the elastics to hide them and then bobby pin the tail beneath to hide it.

Step 6:.  Then pin the rest of the flyaways/escapees as necessary.

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May the force be with you!
Padmé Amidala Hair Tutorial by Iles Formula
Padmé Amidala Hair Tutorial

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