Powerful Women's Day Hairstyles That Are Suitable For The Workplace

Women around the world have made their mark in business in the last 25 years.  Today, it is International Women's Day, and therefore it makes for the ideal opportunity to celebrate women and the incredible path they have paved for themselves over the years.

If you are a successful business women, then you realize the importance of your personal style in the workplace. When it comes to "dressing for success", how you wear your hair is just as important as what business attire you are wearing.  Some work environments require a more professional, classic dress attire, while others allow for a more relaxed environment.  Either way, your personal style is the first thing your colleagues will notice.

With that being said, we wanted to share with you some Powerful Women's Day Hairstyles That Are Suitable For The Workplace.

The Shag

The first of Powerful Women's Day Hairstyles That Are Suitable For The Workplace, is the modern day shag.  Reminiscent of  the early years of Jane Fonda, the modern shag is made for the women who knows what she wants and pushes for it. The shag hairstyle is a powerful one, and it it can be quite edgy.  A women who wears this style is typical quite confident and comfortable in their own skin.  Take a look below at the original shag to see where the inspiration originates.

Now, lets look at some modern versions of this hairstyle that can be worn today.  As you will see, there are different variations of this style, but all of them have the same foundation. Each very powerful styles that would work in all types of work environments.

The Classic And Angled Bob

The classic bob will never go out of style, hence the name "classic".  This is a timeless hairstyle, that works just as well today as it did 25 years ago.  Its a complimentary hairstyle that works on most face shapes, and is suitable for any work environment.

The bob can be worn at different lengths based on your features, and with or without a fringe.  It is a versatile style because it can be worn sleek and smooth or curled to add texture.  Take a look at some of the bob hairstyles that we found that make us think of a women who is strong and powerful.

Whats trending now?  Any length bob, short, medium or long, but without layers.  Keep the bob all one length for a heavier perimeter line.  Curl the ends under for a simple classic and polished finish.


A Chignon

You can never go wrong with a chignon.  They are perfect for those days where the morning has gotten the best of you.  A quick hairstyle that is easy to do, but still very clean and classic.  A chignon is a very elegant style that can be placed high or low on the head and with or without a part.

Utilize our Iles Formula Finishing Serum to even the saturation throughout  the hair and provide a smooth finish.  No time for perfume, not to worry, our white flower fragrance is just enough to add a beautiful scent to the air as you pass someone by.



Powerful Women's Day Hairstyles That Are Suitable For The Workplace by Iles Formula

For another option, leave out the ends as you wrap the hair around the base.  This will give a more modern, yet  relaxed feel to this classic hairstyle.

Below you can see a more compact and wet looking version worn by award winning singer Dua Lipa.  This can literally be done with wet hair from the shower.  Be sure to use a dressing brush to ensure the hair is perfectly smoothed like glass.

Curls, Curls, Curls

We love a women who embraces her curls!  If you have curly hair naturally, this can be a very easy way to wear your hair daily for work.  Once you have mastered how to work with your natural curl pattern, it can be an easy process in the morning.  What we love about curls is that they each have a different personality.  From one head of curls to the next, no two are alike.  If you have curly hair and have been styling it straight for years, it may be time for a switch up.

Your curls add so much personality and are also very powerful for the workplace.  Scroll through to take a look at some of the curl hairstyles we have chosen for you today.  For all the curly girls, you will love our Finishing Serum and Hair Mask.  Our serum eliminates frizz giving you the softest bounciest curls, and our Hair Mask is a thick butter that can be used once a week or even once a month depending how much hydration your curls need.

Is your workplace a bit more casual and artsy?  A more relaxed style can still be very powerful.  If you can be a bit more relaxed at work, why not play around with some fringe with your curls?  We love this look, paired with the t-shirt and jeans, this is definitely a powerful millennial.

Long And Smooth

When we think of powerful women with long and smooth hair, one of the first that comes to mind is Cher.  One of the reasons we love this option is because it looks so polished and put together.  Our piece of advice however, is that if you are planning to wear this type of hairstyle, it is important to have your hair trimmed every 6-8 week.  This will ensure that the hair stays healthy looking and not split ends pop up.

Make sure your hair has loads of shine by utilizing our Iles Formula Finishing Serum.  This will game changing for your end result. Hollywood have copied Cher's look profusly this past year.

French Twist

We love a French twist, especially now with all of the modern variations.  Of course you can create a twist that is clean and polished, but why not modernize the twist by creating a more "undone" finish?  Add an accessory or bow and you have an instant dose of cool.  Which of our inspirations are your favorites?

Short Hairstyles

Next, we are sharing Powerful Women's Day Hairstyles That are Suitable For The Workplace for the women who love a short hairstyle.  Shorter shapes are very powerful for many reasons.  First, not all women can pull off a short hairstyle, and of the percentage that can pull it off, there are many who wouldn't even dare.

If you're like us, you can admit when you see a women with a very stylish short haircut, there is a moment in your head where you think about running to your hairstylist and asking her to chop yours off.  It seems that thought doesn't always last long and eventually most of us will end up not doing it.  This is why we feel a short hairstyle is powerful. Only a women with confidence will go for it.  Scroll to see some of our favorites.

Jean Serbrg and Mia Farrow made the "urchin haircut " famous in the late 60's.

The Ponytail

A ponytail just works in any work situation.  With so many ponytail variations to choose from, this style is definitely a #bossbabe must.  Keep it low and loose, sleek, or high and bouncy with curls.  The options really are endless.  Try some of these simple options for work.

With all of these options, which one is right for you?  Which style represents you as a powerful woman?  Are you ready for a personal transformation?  Lets us know in the comments which look will be your next staple style.  Don't forget, we love to see your tags, so be sure to tag us into your #bossbabe hair posts on social media at @ilesformula_hair and #ilesformula.

For all of the strong and powerful women doing their thing in this world, keep doing what your doing, the world needs you and your passion.

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