Secrets For The Perfect Round Brush Blow Dry Every Time

We all know the feeling of walking out of the salon with a beautiful bouncy blowout.  It's the female version of a super power, right ladies?  We dream of the idea of having our very own personal hair stylist every day to give us that ready for the world hair, but the fact of the matter is, most of us really don't have those resources available to us like that. That doesn't mean we can't create that same hair ourselves.  If you're willing to put in a little work, we're giving you the Secrets For The Perfect Round Brush Blow Dry Every Time.  We're sharing what tools and products we recommend for flawless hair every time.

In today's journal we have added inspiration images for you that are from our community of Hairdresser's that have used Iles Formula products to create these beautiful voluminous blowouts.

Hair By: @adina_hensel using Iles Formula

What You Will Need

We often hear women say that they can never replicate the blow out  at home that their stylist creates for them in the salon.  The first question we ask, is "Tell us what you are using at home, both tools and products".  More times than not, the at home products and tools are not always the right ones to support a really good blow out at home.  When your hairstylist suggests a certain brush or product or tool, they are making these professional suggestions because these are what you will need to create the same look at home.  If you feel as though their recommendations are more than your budget allows, ask them to recommend some budget friendly products and tools that will help you get close to the same results.

Just like your hairstylist, we also have product and tool recommendations that will help make blowing out your own hair at home much easier.  Take a look at some of our recommendations below:

First up, is styling products.  Hands down, every time,  we always suggest our Iles Formula Finishing Serum.  It really is all you need when it comes to blowing out your own hair.  This can be used before and/or after drying.  Apply throughout the mid length and ends of your hair before blow-drying or styling.  Comb through for even distribution as it contains your UV protection, your color fade protection and protection against heated tools. A selection of the most precious cocktail of vitamins will keep your hair strong and healthy, without ever weighing the hair down.

A good blowdryer is a must for being able to achieve a salon quality blowout.  Our favorite is the Dyson Supersonic, however if you're on a budget you can still get a good quality professional dryer at a reasonable price.  Be sure your dryer has different heat and air flow options, as well as a cool shot button.  Many of you throw out the nozzle that comes with the dryer.  We recommend you keep it and use it because it actually has a purpose.  The nozzle is designed to control the flow of hair which will eliminate frizz and flyaways.


Secrets For The Perfect Round Brush Blow Dry Every Time by Iles Formula

One of the major Secrets For The Perfect Round Brush Blow Dry Every Time is to be sure you are using clips.  The clips will allow you to organize the hair into sections which make your job much easier.  You will also need the clips after each section you blow-dry to wrap the curl and clip.  This allows the curl to cool in its formation which provides a stronger curls as well as making the blow out last longer.

Of course you will need a round brush. The right round brush paired with the right styling products will provide you with a smooth polish and all the volume and curl you need for a perfect blowout every time.   There is no better way for a blow dry inspiration than from all the amazing tags we receive each week on our instagram @ilesfotmula_hair. There is something there for everyone.  Here are some more looks from our hairdressing community  to inspire you.  Notice on these models the hair texture.   Silky,  luscious,  touchable hair.  Thats what we are going to teach you to do today.

Hair By : using Iles Formula

Hair By:  @kk_edwardsandco using Iles Formula

Hair By:  @colourkristina using Iles Formula

Hair By:  @angelodipasca_ using Iles Formula

Hair By:  @angelodipasca_ using Iles Formula

Step By Step

Ok, so now that you have all of your essential products and tools, here are some tips for creating the perfect blowout.

1/.  Begin by washing your hair using our Iles Formula Shampoo and Conditioner.  After washing, apply our Finishing Serum to damp hair from mid lengths to ends.  Comb the product through for even distribution. Remember this product delivers memory to the hair so make sure  its everywhere on mid length and ends. It makes thin fine hair feel fatter and used thick coarse hair it calms it down .

2/.  Next, start drying your hair with your fingers and dryer to get about 20% of the moisture out.  During this process, work the hair from side to side, this will create volume while you are drying the hair.

3/.  After the hair is about 20% dry, you can begin sectioning using your clips.  Starting in the top, determine where you will part the hair.  Take a rectangular section past each side of your part and secure with a clip.  Next, section off the sides in front just at the top of the ear.  Twist those into a knot and clip them out of the way.  In the back, section the hair in half vertically, and then split those halves in two horizontally.  This should make 4 squares in back.  Twist each of those and section them out of the way.

4/.  Finally, begin round brushing each section.  Be sure to lift the sections up to create volume in the hair while round brushing. After each section is complete, clip the curl into place and let it set that way.  Work from bottom to top in all sections.  Do not skip the clipping, this is the most important part.

5/.  In the front rectangle section on top of your head, round brush those with maximum elevation and directed away from the face.  This will open up the face and also eliminate the front from falling forward in your face.

6./. Once all sections are complete, allow all of the hair to cool in the set, and then release them.  The result will be a beautiful, bouncy, salon quality blow out that you just completed at home.

So that is it, that is all there is to it.  Give this a try and let us know how you did.  Are you super proud of your results?  If so, don't forget to take a selfie and tag us in @ilesformula_hair and #IlesFormula.

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