Summer Date Night Hairstyles

Summer Date Night Hairstyles

Trying to look fashionable on date night? Look no further than these 4 simple date night hairstyles that I've chosen to move easily from day hair into quick little night do's that will make you look glamorous without requiring hours at the salon:

Late Summer Date Night Hairstyles.   Wendy Iles by Iles Formula

Date Night Hairstyles - The 60s Bouffant

First we have a very chic "60s Bouffant", one of the most popular date night hairstyles from the 60s. I created the look above by adding a little Iles Formula finishing serum to give me that gorgeous silky look to the hair. I started the hairstyle on an already dry base. This was the only product I used. Start by parting a section out on the crown area.

Back comb this section at the roots with a teasing comb, then smooth over the outer surface with a small thin brush to get the amount of body you desire. I gathered the ends of this section and secured in place invisably at the back of head with a pin (can use  a small band) pushing up slightly the area till I formed the volume I wanted.

This model had a nice natural movement in her hair, so I basically just twigged it with a large barrel iron around the face and did nothing more. The secret is to use no hairspray, let the style live, so it looks modern and not retro. It takes about 10 minutes.

Date Night Hairstyles - Halo Braid

Late Summer Date Night Hairstyles.   Wendy Iles by Iles Formula

Late Summer Date Night Hairstyles.   Wendy Iles by Iles Formula

The next look is a classic Halo Braid. Look no further than Alex Cheung and Amanda Seyfried to see how elegant this look can be. First, take the curling iron to add a little movement to the hair as it makes easier braiding. There are several techniques for long hair but the easiest is the part hair in centre back making two low plaints then place these around the head entwining the ends in front with bobby pins. For short hair start at the front creating 2 braids either side of part line and attach at the back of head.  So easy to have yourself a beautiful Halo Braid for your date.

Late Summer Date Night Hairstyles.   Wendy Iles by Iles Formula

Want Beach Waves but don't have time to hit the beach? This hairstyle has that natural look, perfect for all occasions. Start on an already dried base. First use a small amount Iles Formula finishing serum over the surface of the hair to add a silky volume. Make your hair into sections, clipping it to the top of your head. With your head towards the floor, wind it with the iron. Hold for 15 seconds and move onto next section. Once all sections are done throw your hair back into position and you'll have a gorgeous wave happening with nice spontanous volume, and in no time!

There is also another method to do this, which takes more time but worth looking into. Watch my blog article of 2 weeks ago "How To Get Cheryl's XFactor Waves"

Date Night Hairstyles – Knotted Updo

Late Summer Date Night Hairstyles by Iles Formula

 The last and simplest date night hairstyles is the Knotted Updo. Jessica Alba and most models in daily life wear this tousled and sexy style to perfection.

method 1. Make your hair into 2 even sections and put each into a ponytail. Keep dividing and tie each section with as many knots as possible. With your fingers, make the knots loose and then pin it up on your head. Now put clips in it and enjoy your voluminous up do!

method 2.  Take 2 hands and make a high ponytail. The height is key. Do NOT secure with a rubber band or you’ll have trouble creating the knot. Twist it around your finger to make it look like a rope. Twist the “roped” hair clockwise like you are twisting to make a bun. Tuck the bottom in and pull it through the middle of the bun for the knotted look.

method 3. A simple high ponytail. Secure in place with a band. Twist the tail and turn it around the band.  Secure the ends with a bobby pin or nice hair accessory.

Enjoy these easy date night hairstyles that I've chosen to be created on already dry hair. They are fast and easy. Give me some feedback , would love to know your thoughts.

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