Understanding the causes of Hair Loss and how to tackle it

While often we focus on how healthy our locks look, it is essential to treat our scalp with extra special love and care as well. Lustrous, strong hair starts with proper scalp health and maintenance. If you are experiencing hair loss and looking to grow longer, thicker locks, it is time to get to the root of the matter! 

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Your scalp contains over 100,000 follicles, which your tresses grow from. For the tresses to grow long and strong, the follicles need to be gently cared for. The condition of your hair is directly connected to the condition of your scalp and these follicles. If not treated properly, some scalp issues can also arise such as dandruff, dermatitis, or early hair loss.

The major importance of maintaining proper scalp care is to prevent hair loss. While a common misconception is that hair loss occurs only in men, it also affects a substantial amount of women. Abnormal hair loss can be due to many reasons, such as genetics, health issues,  poor scalp care, hormonal menopause or pregnancy and its been proven Covid-19 related cases.

It is vital to hair loss prevention to assess how your daily routine may be impacting hair loss. Once we think about how our lifestyle may be affecting our potential hair loss, we can address the issue and make necessary changes. Here are some common reasons we may be losing our precious locks.

Hair breakage or hair fall? There is often confusion between the two.

They both give the impression of a reduction in hair density. However, they are in fact two separate issues. Unfortunately, some people do suffer from both. Fortunately Iles Formula addresses both issues by stopping hair breakage and re-stimulating hair growth.

1. Using Too Much Heat for Styling

When we use heat tools such as a blow dryer every day, this can really damage the scalp and hair. Too much heat applied to the hair shaft can alter the state of the hair drastically, leaving it dry, dull and brittle. To avoid problems always protect your tresses with a nurturing serum before applying heat. For ultimate protection, use the Iles Formula Finishing Serum guarantees protection against heated tools up to 450 degrees + extreme cold + UV  and color fade.

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2. Improper Diet & Nutritional Deficiencies

A poor diet heavy in processed food or lacking in protein can cause nutrient deficiencies that lead to an unhealthy environment for our hair. Protein, iron, zinc, and other nutrients are essential for proper hair growth. If we are doing fad diets or not eating enough protein, it can be dangerous not only for our body’s health but also for our hair. A balanced diet keeps us happy, well-nourished, and our tresses growing long and strong.

 3. Avoid Using Harmful Home Care Products.

The products we use have a direct effect on the hair shaft.

Be very careful to stay away from home care products that condition with bond builders, protein and keratins. These processes build up when used in home-care to a point that one day the hair  becomes overloaded and takes on a glassy texture and starts to break!  Hair that suffers this kind of breakage appears chewed away especially at the ends of the hair.


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The Iles Formula Shampoo Haute Performance stops breakage from the first use.... it softens up brittle, glassy textured hair that is suffering breakage to a soft silky texture,  preventing further damage and potential hair loss through breakage.

When using this shampoo, water is the KEY. Add more water, not more product as you massage the shampoo, this friction of massage with addition of extra water creates an abundance of lather  which contains the ingredient that stops the breakage. Be sure to bring the mousse all the way to the ends of the hair, in the cases of very brittle hair, even consider doing 3 shampoos as each shampoo softens more the brittle hair. It also delivers excellent volume to the roots. Be sure to rinse well as one needs to do for all sulfate free shampoos.

Follow the Iles Shampoo with the Iles Formula Condtioner Haute Performance. This innovative conditioning formula transforms even more brittle hair, instantly to sumptuous, lustrous silk, delivering perfectly repaired locks with a nurtured suppleness. No chance of breakage with these two formulas teamed together.

Complete the 3 step system by applying The Iles Formula Haute Performance Finishing Serum which protects hair from all aggressions.


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4. Medication

Some types of medications may come with some adverse side effects such as hair loss. Speak with your doctor to consider whether that may be a factor as well. Of course, some medication is necessary and life-saving, but it is possible to have a conversation concerning your medication and discuss whether they are a necessity.

5. Smoking & Alcohol

Lifestyle factors like smoking tobacco can have a negative effect not only on the body but also on the scalp and hair. A habit that may cause life-threatening diseases like cancer, it also can affect the growth of hair follicles and lead to hair loss. As well as smoking, heavy drinking can be a culprit in the loss of vital nutrients and minerals; these precious vitamins are necessary to maintain scalp health.

6. Genetics

While this can certainly be a contributing factor to premature hair loss, it is not so easily fixed with a lifestyle change. If one or both of your parents suffer from hair loss, you may have a chance of developing a similar condition. This may be difficult to reckon with but if you start treatment and add some additional points to your hair routine, it is possible to catch it before it develops into greater hair loss.. 

We recommend the Iles Formula  Scalp and Hair Rejuvenating Booster to significantly reduce hair loss. This breakthrough  booster formula is a botanical formula and drug free. The key ingredient is Procapil consisting of a blend derived from citrus fruits + olive trees alongside wasabi + apple + tomato extract.

This is a 3 to 4 month treatment as it takes hair at least 3 months to break the scalps surface and one more month to be fully visible. Thereafter use once every other day to maintain life to the root area.

This botanical formula is residue free + drug free + perfume free and can be used on wet or dry hair.




7. Vitamins & Supplements

Some supplements that are taken for working out and growing muscles may have negative effects on hair growth. Check with a doctor if the supplements you are taking are harming your hair health.


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While certain supplements may trigger hair loss, other supplements are known to actually help your locks’ strength. The water-soluble vitamin Biotin can work wonders for those experiencing hair loss. Also found in foods like eggs and nuts, Biotin can also be taken as a supplement. This vitamin is necessary for the strength of hair, nails, and skin since it makes the fatty acids necessary for their health.

The daily dose of Biotin is 30 mcg, but some doctors may suggest taking higher amounts up to 150 mg if you are experiencing hair fall. As always, consult with a doctor before starting any new supplements, as there could be some adverse effects like skin rashes or headaches.

8. Stress

Stress can also be a leading factor in premature hair loss. Observe your daily life and see how you can reduce this, either by implementing new stress-reducing activities like exercise and meditation or by reducing the stressful ones.

While it is difficult to acknowledge the fact of hair loss, it is important to reflect on and recognize the root cause of the issue. Once we do this, we can implement new daily activities and hair care routines that will help our scalp and hair grow back healthy and lustrous. With  patience and the correct treatment, you can help your confidence and hair come back with a flourish.

9. Read On

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