Velaterapia - The Candle Burning Split Ends

Velaterapia - The Candle Burning Split Ends by Iles Formula
Split ends ! If you are a long hair wearer you know what a split end is.

The most obvious thing to do is cut them off, also to trim the hair every 6 to 8 weeks even if growing your hair to keep the ends healthy.

There is another method I used to practice years ago on my clients and on my own hair. It's named Velaterapia or candle hair cutting. I had simply forgotten about this method until I fell on an article recently on called hair singeing. Don't attempt to try and do this yourself. Certain products for hair are flammable, therefore problems may occur if you have one of these on your hair at the time of singeing. There are technicians or salons with older stylists that will know how to do this technique. It was extremely popular in the 70's and is especially known in Brazil.

1/ The hair should be dry. Take sections about 2 inch square and twist them around and around. You will notice all the split ends just pop out the  section.

2/ Run the burning candle quickly over the mid-length and ends of the section in a direction of the ends. All the split ends will sizzle away and your length is left untouched. Never place candle near the scalp and roots of hair as it's not necessary as split ends are toward the bottom of hair length.

3/ The hair will smell quite horrid but that easily washes away.

4/ Once the entire head is done, brush hair through one section at a time. You will see all the split ends falling on the floor.

5/  Next comes an indulging shampoo and conditioning treatment.

6/  Dry as usual.

Your hair should now be split end free !

Take a look at this  video. It explains well the procedure, showing you the process and the result.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me on this page.

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