Wake Up Your Curly Hair With These Easy To Follow Steps

This weeks journal is for all of the curly girls out there, who were born with those bouncy ringlets, but style it straight every single day because you can't quite figure out how to get your curls to cooperate.  Well you shouldn't have to live like that ladies!!  That's why were sharing with you how to Wake Up Your Curly Hair With These Easy To Follow Steps.  Gone are the days of frizzy curls and unmanageable hair, it's time to take control of your curls, wake them up and embrace them whole heartedly.  With that being said, keep reading along if you want to learn more.

Wake Up Your Curly Hair With These Easy To Follow Steps by Iles Formula



Cleansing & Conditioning

For starters, what you are using to cleanse and condition your hair is EXTREMELY important.  This theory is really for all hair types, but especially for those with curly hair.  There are many reasons for this theory, but most importantly, curly hair is thirsty, and what do you do when you are thirsty?  You drink a glass of water right?  So that is exactly what you need to do for your curls. Curls NEED hydration to perform properly.  Without products that hydrate, you will be left with unmanageable curls that are frizzy, limp and completely uncooperative.  So ditch the shampoo and conditioner that doesn't add hydration or moisture to your  hair.

This is why we always recommend our Iles Formula Shampoo and Conditioner as the go to products for everyday cleansing and conditioning.  In addition to the hydration they provide, you will also find other added benefits from our products.  Some of these benefits include by are not limited to:  Sulfate Free + Paraben Free + Silicone Free.  Our products are high performing anti oxidant rich ingredients that immediately detangle and protect the hair, while providing a luscious silky texture.

Wake Up Your Curly Hair With These Easy To Follow Steps by Iles Formula

Deep Conditioning

Another important step for waking up your curls is to incorporate a high quality performing Deep Conditioning treatment.  Our Iles Formula Hair Mask is a curly girls BFF and here is why...  This mask was developed to strengthen and nourish all hair types especially curly hair.  Macroloba Seed Oil, Tucuma Butter, are sourced from the Amazon.  Along with silk proteins from Japan and nut oils from Australia.  Making this the perfect cocktail for curly hair.  Apply liberally and comb through your hair and notice the instant improvements that will wake those curls right up.


Wake Up Your Curly Hair With These Easy To Follow Steps by Iles Formula




Now that you have properly cleansed, conditioned and deep conditioned your curls, they next step for waking up your curls is in the styling process.  When it comes to styling curls, its very important to get your styling products onto the hair while the hair is still quite wet.  Once that hair has started to dry, it has already started to take on any issues that it would normally cause, such as frizz and lack of curl pattern in certain areas.  To avoid this from happening, apply the product right away after washing it and try not to towel dry your hair (the towel can cause friction which causes more frizz).

If your hair has started to dry, we recommend spritzing it with water to rehydrate it before applying your styling products.  Our Curl Revive Serum is a fave for curly girls because the curls will NEVER dry crunchy, they will always be beautiful, soft, and bouncy curls.  Your frizz will be controlled and you will be left with lustrous frizz free curls you dream about.

Check out the Curl Revive Pack containing all one needs for perfect curls.


Product Application

Product application is equally as important as what products you use.  We  already mentioned applying to wet hair as opposed to hair that has already begun to dry.  Now, lets talk about the actual technique for applying the product. Have a look at the steps below:

1./ Start out by sectioning your hair from the bottom in the back.  Begin by applying the product to that section first.  From there you will work up the entire head.  Applying the product section by section will ensure ALL of the hair has been evenly saturated with the product.

2./ After you work the product onto the hair, take 1 inch sections and twist the hair in the direction of the natural curl pattern.  This will encourage the hairs curl pattern to form.

3./ After completing this in each row let down another row and repeat until the entire head is complete.


Wake Up Your Curly Hair With These Easy To Follow Steps by Iles Formula



Once the product has been applied to the entire head, you can either allow the hair to dry naturally, or use a difuser to remove the moisture and create more volume into the hair.

NATURAL:  If you decide to let it dry natural, do not touch the hair at all until the hair is about 85% dry.  By keeping your hands out of your hair, you are preventing frizz and allowing the curls to dry in their position.  Once the hair is 85% dry, you can then get your hands involved and begin to break up the curls a bit more.  Perhaps flipping upside down as well to encourage a bit of volume. Don't brush or comb, finger combing is best.

DIFFUSED:  If you prefer to diffuse your hair, there are a few things to keep in mind.  It's important to set the heat setting on low and the air flow on low or medium.  The settings are important for eliminating frizz and allowing the curls to gradually form.  Begin at the root area, not the ends.  If you start at the ends, the ends can become over dried and straw like.  So dry the root area first and then move onto the ends.  Continue moving from one side of the head to the other.

Once you have diffused your hair to about 85% dry, switch the dryer temperature to cool, and the air speed to medium.  Continue to dry the hair with this setting until completely dry.  You will be amazed at how soft, shiny and bouncy the curls will become.  This is the step that really wakes up the curls.

Wake Up Your Curly Hair With These Easy To Follow Steps by Iles Formula



Detail Work

If you are completely happy with the way that the curls have dried when you diffused them, then you can ignore this step.  However, if you still have a few areas of your hair that the curl didn't "behave", then you can take a curling tong that mimics the size of your curl pattern and add random detail curls.  Our Finishing Serum has thermal protection so  we have your back when it comes to protecting your hair from heated tools. .

Keep in mind when adding detail curls, they really are just to curl the pieces where the curl pattern didn't fully form.  You don't want to curl the entire head.  Allow your natural curly texture to be present and only curl sections that are straighter.  The mix of texture will actually be complementary.

In addition, you can also detail your curls day 2 and 3 if they have lost some of their formation while sleeping.  This is how you will get several days out of wearing your curls.  If you have an oily scalp, not to worry, curls love the natural oils.  If it becomes too oily, a light dry shampoo can be enough to correct the issue.


Wake Up Your Curly Hair With These Easy To Follow Steps by Iles Formula

If you have been wearing your hair straight for some time, keep in mind that it may take some time for your curls to wake back up again.  This is completely normal and will eventually correct itself with continued curly styling.  Other things you can do to help this along, is talk to your stylist about getting a haircut that is cut specifically for curly hair.  While this cut may not be ideal if you wear it straight, it will drastically improve how it styles when you wear it curly.  If your hairstylist is not familiar with cutting curly hair, then you may want to find someone who specializes in curly haircutting as this can be a game changer for the success of your curls.

We hope this information helps you and encourages you to step away from straight and wake up those curls again.  There is so much personality in curly hair and we love to see all of your curly hair selfies, so be sure to tag us in #IlesFormula and @ilesformula_hair.

Until Next time...

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