What Your Hairstyle Says About Your Coffee Order

As the season changes and we enter into crisp air and autumn leaves, it is the perfect time to cozy up with a steaming cup of coffee. Not only can your hairstyle reveal who you are as a person, but it can also say a lot about what you order at a coffee shop. Whether you sport a layered bob, or fashion glossy waves, there is a perfect drink to match your aesthetic. 

What Your Hairstyle Says About Your Coffee Order.Image from pexels.com

Slicked Back Pony or Bun 
A slicked-back hairstyle portrays confidence and the ability to tackle anything that comes your way. The perfect coffee order for your determination and focus is a straight-up cold brew. The combination of your empowering hairstyle and fierce coffee order will leave you feeling unstoppable for the day. 

Images via pexels.com
To ensure your flawlessly sleek ensemble has no stray hairs escaping, the Iles Formula Finishing Serum is a must to keep any stray hairs in place for your ideal slicked-back look. Conquer your day without having to worry whether your hairstyle has been compromised by any loose tendrils.


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The Layered Bob
The ability to rock a layered bob shows that you are effortlessly chic and impressive. Your hair and your style are an inspiration to many, meaning that the effortlessly cool order for a trendsetter like you is a dirty chai tea latte



The layered bob requires a certain level of conditioning and volume to keep your layers looking textured and whimsical. The Iles Formula Hair Mask strengthens and nourishes your hair to provide it all the bounce and luster that your layers require.

Pixie Haircut
Your open and bold personality is already on display with your showstopper of a pixie cut. Not afraid to take the world by storm, your coffee order must be an espresso. An espresso with its adventurous yet powerful quality fits extremely well with your edgy pixie cut. 

Image via pexels.com

With your brave and adventurous spirit, coupled with this trendy yet functional cut makes you  a travel addict, and an explorer of the world. The Iles Formula Discovery + Travel Kit is a necessity for wherever your wanderlust brings you. Globe trot confidently with an espresso (or 2) in hand knowing that your pixie stays conditioned and nourished with these Iles travel essentials. 

Claw Clip 
The claw clip hairstyle is an effortless and effective hairstyle that shows that you mean business. While it still gives you a luxurious spin on that everyday look, your go-to drink of choice should follow a similar  intent: the classic latte is the one made for YOU. The latte is a simple yet effective start to your day, ensuring that you have the right levels of energy to take on anything that is thrown your way. A hairstyle with a twist also deserves a coffee with a twist: add a pump of caramel or dash of lavender to make your latte that extra bit special.


Your seamless fusion of blond and brunette hair creates the perfect warm autumn glow. You enjoy a bit of adventure and fun, and also appreciate the experiences that life brings you. The ideal match for your distinct style is the flawless blend of foam, steamed milk, and espresso: the cappuccino. With your classy balayage, you could flaunt the streets of any Italian piazza while sipping your cappuccino leisurely and with confidence. 


The ultimate balayage requires a bit of upkeep to maintain the brightness of your blonde locks. The Iles Formula Conditioner will repair any damage that occurs from the bleaching process. Any blonde locks that feel a bit dry and straw-like will transform into sumptuous strands that glow. 


Soft Waves 
Relaxed, soft waves are a timeless, carefree style that are the epitome of elegance, fun, and luxury. The mocha with its espresso, cocoa, and cream can compliment your loose curls and match with the dreamy fall of your tresses. 

what-your-hairstyle-says-about-your-coffee-order what-your-hairstyle-says-about-your-coffee-order

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To achieve your soft and natural waves ensure that your locks are well-protected from the heat exposure; for this finishing serum is must. The Iles Formula Finishing Serum will help maintain those beachy, serene waves without damage. As a bonus, it can be applied to wet or dry hair without weighing them down to give you a lighter, flowy look. 

Whatever hair suits you best, you can be sure that there is a coffee order that matches your style. From luxurious waves to lustrous balayage, keep your hairstyles fresh and cared for with the Iles Formula nourishing and strengthening formulas. 

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