Why One Must be Cautious With Bond Builder Infused Hair Treatment Products

Is your hair snapping off? Have you experienced customers with hair breakage within your salon walls?

Let's cut straight to the chase. There is a lot of noise about hair breakage going on, across social media and in the press.

It’s essential to understand what part of the hair certain products focus on. The hair shaft is made up of three parts: the cuticle, the cortex, and the medulla.

Cuticle; the outer layer is the protective shield. The more damaged and dull the hair strand, the more disrupted these cuticle scales will be.

Cortex; provides the pigment and curl pattern. It's where we penetrate with chemical processes such as permanent colors, perms or straightening procedures. While it is the center of the hair shaft, the health of the cortex is directly dependent on the cuticle. This is an area better left alone outside of chemical wave, straightening, and color treatments. In other words professional use only.

Medulla; the very center section containing a few cells and air bubbles. In some cases it may be absent.

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Some popular hair care treatments today focus their attention on repairing the cortex, while in reality, the part of the hair shaft that should be repaired is the cuticle.

Be aware of home care claiming the use of bond builders and in some cases protein and keratin working directly within the cortex area. These particular components build up harmful residue over time, in and around the hair shaft. Once this happens, overload occurs. Overloading of the hair shaft gives it the texture of glass. It becomes extremely fragile and then it snaps off, giving it the appearance like a mouse has nibbled on the hair. This usually happens midway on the hair shaft or towards the ends.


Iles Formula Haircare STOPPED breakage from this hair that had suffered breakage from an overload of bonding and peptides.   

(Image from Iles Formula showing phenomenal repair results on hair that had suffered breakage through overload of bond builders) 

What is the Solution to hair breakage?

Since these products are leading to more damage of precious tresses, the answer is to find a formula that actually repairs the hair shaft instead of overloading it. Luckily, Iles Formula founder Wendy Iles has spent years researching and testing her innovative formulas to find the solution to dry, damaged, and broken hair.

Thanks to her dedication and 40 years career in hair, Wendy created transformative formulas that will stop the global problem of hair breakage.

Iles Formula’s treatments work by repairing locks differently to other brands so there is no risk of harmful overload, being the major cause of hair breakage today. The treatment has 3 easy steps and repairs all hair types by closing down the cuticle instantly without any harmful residue left behind.

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Step 1 with the sulfate free Iles Formula Haute Performance Shampoo, the glassy, fragile texture of the hair will be immediately softened. Using extra water while massaging encourages an abundance of mousse, distribute gently all this mousse from root to tip. Once applied all over the hair shaft, this mousse will transform the dry and glassy textured hair to soft silky hair starting the process to stop breakage.

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Following the Shampoo comes the crown jewel of the Iles Formula Collection: the Haute Performance Conditioner. The key to this miraculous formula is that it shuts down the cuticle instantly, repairing hair without any residue. To ensure all the formula is absorbed, use a distribution comb to get every part of the hair shaft covered by the treatment. The hair will be transformed to soft silky hair with no further breakage. Results are instant.

While all of Iles Formula’s products ensure maximum repair and nurture, the latest addition to the collection is sure to change the hair care industry. The recently launched Iles Formula Scalp + Hair Rejuvenating Booster is a powerful drug free, leave-in treatment that reverses hair loss. Utilizing the trademarked, botanical ingredient of Procapil™️ hair follicles will be strengthened, circulation will be increased, and amino acids necessary for growth will be boosted. When used in combination with the Iles Formula Shampoo and Conditioner, these three formulas are the power throttle to grow longer, stronger, and healthier hair.

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There’s a phenomenal level of knowledge and expertise that comes from 40 years at the pinnacle of the hairdressing industry, which has been channeled into creating the Iles Formula collection. Iles Formula is hair + care in its purest form, caring for the hair and revitalizing brittle, damaged hair back to optimum hair heath focusing on performance over noise.

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